Even today in America, where we have a half black president and 'racial equality' blacks are still put in prison more often and die earlier than whites. Young black men are more likely to end up in prison than to graduate college. And the leading cause of death for black men under thirty is homicide. So please don't say that racial justice has been achieved and racial equality is a dead movement, amirite?

My dad told me this: "every system is set up to get exactly the results it gets." Or something like that. It kind of makes sense though, like if there was a problem they wanted to fix, why don't they change anything? I agree with OP. In my state of Colorado, 3% of the population is black. 100% of the convicts on death row in Colorado are black. Now I don't want to get into arguments about whether black people commit more crimes than white people, but there is obviously a problem there. The system is biased and always has been.

You know there are plenty of fish in the sea, but you wanted the shark, amirite?

I think most of us want the octopus hello smilie

Every man alive wishes they were Barney Stinson, amirite?

Hell, I'm a girl and I wish I were Barney Stinson.

Does McDonald's really have to put "Mc" infront of everything they serve? We get it, it's clever but your kind of abusing it, amirite?

Well no one just wants to order a flurrie.

You know who the Hash-Slinging Slasher is, amirite?

Takin' out the trash...... At night hello smilie

You really like giving head, amirite?

Completely depends on who the guy is. But it can definitely be fun.

If Red Foreman saw a hipster, he'd shove a foot to their ass, amirite?

yeah, but those hipsters had feet up their asses WAY before red foreman ever made the foot-in-ass jokes!

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?

If there were a Charlie Sheen "Winning" emoticon, this would deserve it.

We should find out if we have Amirite? neighbors. Comment with a state. Comments on comments will be cities/towns. Subsequent comments will be districts, streets, etc. amirite?


A goat is better to fuck than a chicken, you can't really hold a chicken they fly all over the place squawking. Where as the goat has horns which are kind of like handlebars. Amirite?
It's pretty ironic that, in a country where seemingly everyone complains about the mindless fools running our government, the Democrats are still perfectly fine with putting them in charge of our two most important things: our health and our children (referring to universal healthcare and daycare). am I right?

Demand side economics? And why is it bad to have the government taking care of its people? Maybe the democrats are just sick of these rich, white men sitting their asses in congress and disagreeing with everything Obama says because they'd rather portray him as a socialist than provide a social safety net for Americans.

Pmagine pf pverything parted pith p. Pretty peculiar, amirite?

Trying to read this just makes me say "poo" and "pee" in my head a lot.

Thrice and tertiary are underused words, amirite?

Tertiary..... Tushy..... Hehehe. That's about where my maturity level's at right now.

Now-a-days we generally refer to rich people as millionaires, but in the past when having thousands of dollars was being rich what did they call rich people? thousandaires? amirite?

Robber barons. People like Andrew Carnagie had even more wealth than Bill Gates does today.

If you don't have timeline on Facebook, you feel like you're the last of a dying breed, amirite?

Facebook forced me to get timeline!! There's no going back.