Old people usually like listening to the music that they grew up with, so it's gonna be pretty weird in 50 years when the elderly will be sitting around listening to heavy metal and hardcore gangster rap, amirite?

"Now little grandchildren.. Don't you know the old saying? Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me! Wait.. That's not right.."

If you forget your lunch money, a good friend will lend you some, a best friend will also lend you some, because your best friend isn't an asshole, amirite?

If you drop your books, a good friend will kindly pick them up for you, but a BEST friend will pee on them, push you down some stairs set your dog on fire and rape your mom. BECAUSE THAT'S JUST WHAT BEST FRIENDS DO.

Gas is $4.39 a gallon & girls still think we're coming over to just "chill", amirite?

Yeah, women are such morons for thinking you'd actually enjoy their non-sexual company. Don't they know that sex is the only thing they're good for? It's not like they have personalities or hobbbies or other things that'd make their company enjoyable or worthwhile. No, siree, literally the only reason anyone would make any effort to see one is for sex.

(I am, of course, being sarcastic. OP, you're a jerk.)

Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion is alive, amirite?
Girls: you're happy with the way your boobs look, amirite?

Send me pics, ill judge.

you hate seeing women like this, amirite?

No, I fucking love seeing people look miserable.

People who study Philosophy at university end up asking "Why would you like fries with that? amirite?
If you're cheating on a trigonometry test, it wouldn't hurt to look for a sine from above. amirite?
@YeahIAm The ceiling isn't going to give you answers, bro.

You obviously underestimate the amount of drugs I'm on.

Magic is all about how you interpret it. Sure we don't have flying cars, or magic wands, but we do have technology that allows us to talk to someone thousands of miles away, doors that open for us, and access to all sorts of information at the touch of the button. It's just a matter of perspective, amirite?
People who study Philosophy at university end up asking "Why would you like fries with that? amirite?

"Why would you like fries with that? Is it because the American ideology has inculcated in you that 'bigger is better'? Is it because your concern for your physical well-being is disparate from your emotional pleasure? Or perhaps because your indisciplinar... HEY WAIT YOU FORGOT YOUR COKE!"

Some people think women have too many emotions to be president. That's stupid because women are masters of psychological warfare. Rather than blow up our enemies, a woman president would mind-fuck them and convince other countries to hate them. They'll sit around wondering what the hell just happened and when they ask why we're mad at them, we won't tell them. Amirite?
@Impossible. Women must stay in kitchen!

You are so narrow minded.
A woman would be totally capable of running the country from inside her kitchen. cool smilie

Rapists cause rape. Disrespectful individuals (in this case, men) cause disrespect. What a woman chooses to wear is NOT the cause though. Are women not allowed to wear something cute simply because men are unable to control themselves? Society advocates women being sexy, but not for themselves. If I decide to wear a short skirt, I'm wearing it for ME, to feel a little out of the ordinary, just for the fun of it- in no way am I asking for male attention. Just because I decide to show off my legs a little, in no way means I have any intention of spreading them.

Believing that when a woman wears something revealing she's "inviting" men, you're supporting the ridiculous slut-shaming, victim-blaming culture- and that is disgusting. Someone's attire is NO excuse to act crudely- have some decency, and treat others with respect.

Fuck Boy Scouts. Instead there should be MAN SCOUTS! Activities include tying knots WITH A PYTHON, pitching a tent MADE OF LATEX AND CYANIDE, and earning merit badges and pinning them to YOUR BARE NAKED, HAIRY TORSO. Girl scouts have cookies? That's cool. We've got SMOKED KRAKEN ON A STICK! Amirite?

You had me at "Fuck Boy Scouts."

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If you were in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Justin Bieber and had a gun with two bullets, you's shoot Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein because you're not a douche that wishes death on innocent people, amirite?

if i was in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Justin Bieber and had a gun with 2 bullets I would not shoot the 2 dead guys, I would probaly leave the room. If I had to kill someone then I would shoot Justin Bieber.