Why are zombies ALWAYS hungry? amirite?
You say "tomato," I say "Fuck you," amirite?
Screw you all! Except Lady gaga, no one wants to screw aliens. amirite?

Watch how you talk to the mother of my child

The amirite guy is the only thing keeping your browser from collapsing, amirite?

He would be sitting down at a computer desk when this gets HP'd

There are seven letters in 'cabbage', and seven letters in 'pillows'. Coincidence? I think so! amirite?

There are seven words in this sentence.

Wheelie backpacks were so cool in elementary school. amirite?
Twitter > Myspace. Amirite?

Paint > Myspace

Sexting is for fat kids, amirite?

The No Way-ers must be fat.

You wonder why Obama hates black people. amirite?

i love Obama drinks only the raspberry lemonade kind though.

Girls: Discharge stinks, amirite?
Titanic should be considered one of the saddest movies ever made, amirite?

Disaster Movie

If Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, how the heck did Santa get in there, amirite?

Satan Claus.

You squeeze mud with your cheeks. amirite?

come on guys its a Sh*t joke

Unamused Zombie: LAAAAAAAME!