About me.

I'm half Aussie half Filipino, and yes, Filipinos are from Asia
I am most likely not original because when I see jokes everywhere I tend to copy just some of them so forgive me for reposting(But occasionally I do make my own posts)
I am old enough to be on the internet but not old enough to understand all of it
Atleast 5 people are using this account so you may encounter some very different posts but the original user(me) stills uses this.
I like music all kinds of them so I know only a few
I also like TV but not into that emotional crap
I am the type of person who likes to be random but kind at it. I am not hostile, grammar nazi, nor a troll
I am bad at small talk even on the internet so don't bother trying to talk to me because I am not witty enough for all you smart Amirite people
I also am crap on my English because of my parents(but mostly on my incompetence) so feel free to correct me
I am kinda good at games and play them a lot althought non of that WoW kind of playing
I play League of Legends which is a fun game for me so I would appreciate if you(player of this game) could add me
I usually go to this site when I am bored because I am bored
I plan on being a doctor and will not let this plan go to waste EVER
Oh and thank you for wasting 5 minutes of your life reading my life