The spirit never dies and this is just the human phase of our existence.

Legit opinion that a lot of people share, but hardly POTD worthy...

Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Harry Potter series have a great number of similarities: The 4 nations= The 4 houses. The Fire Nation= Slytherin. The Fire Lord= Lord Voldemort. Azula= Bellatrix. Zuko=Snape. Aang= Harry. Katara and Sokka= Hermione and Ron. Dumbledore= Iroh. amirite?

I agree with everything except the "Katara and Sokka= Hermione and Ron" part. Ron and Hermione wind up married and since Katara and Sokka are brother and sister, that obviously doesn't happen. Aang and Katara wind up together at the end, so maybe Katara could be Ginny instead; that would make more sense. So Aang=Harry, Katara=Ginny, Sokka=Ron, and I have no idea who Hermione would be... I'd say "Suki" but she doesn't travel around with them and she isn't one of Aang's best friends, so then I'd say "Toph" but her and Sokka don't wind up together, so I'm not sure about that one yet, but I'll keep thinking about it. Also, OP, I assumed you were talking about the cartoon and not the movie, because, well, the movie sucked and I don't see why anyone would want to discuss it unless it was to discuss to what degree it sucked, but that clearly wasn't the case here, so if you WERE talking about the movie, I'm going to pretend it was the cartoon series you were referring to instead...

It's really inappropriate that a girl in my class stays after school everyday to be with our teacher, they message each other all the time on Facebook, the teacher talks bad about students with her behind their backs, and that he got her a present for no reason. Amirite?

They're obviously having sex. Or are going to. But I'd bet money that they already have...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is based on the story of the three brothers: Tom Marvolo Riddle died for power, Severus Snape died for love, and Harry Potter greeted death as a friend, amirite?

I've read that book a million times and I never thought of that before... Congrats on blowing my freaking mind!

Some cartoon characters are actually attractive, amirite?

When I first saw the preview for that new Guardians movie, my first thought was, "Jack Frost is HOT!" I may just see it just to ogle him.

The only thing history taught you was that white people screwed things up for just about everyone, amirite?

People in general just plain suck. Can we all agree on that?

the Twilight saga is a teen version of Fifty Shades of Grey and illustrates the growth of the loving-slave fantasy in popular fiction

Actually, Fifty Shades of Grey started out as a Twilight fanfiction, so a more accurate thing to say would be that Fifty Shades of Grey is the adult version of Twilight and illustrates something or another; I'm not entirely sure about the last bit, though, since I haven't actually read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. But I do know that it started out as a Twilight fanfic. Also, "the growth of the loving-slave fantasy"? What have we been reading lately? hello smilie

It's interesting to wonder if people see the mirror version of you, or the camera/picture version, amirite?
@Kurrainette Kind of related: It's hard for me to talk to someone while looking in a mirror because it feels like I'm talking to...

I'm the same with I can't talk to people while looking in the mirror, but my reason is, I get distracted by all the weird things I do with my face and hands when I'm talking. Kind of makes me wonder how other people manage to hold conversations with me...

1990 will always be ten years ago to you, amirite?

I know logically that it was twenty-two years ago - my older brother was BORN in 1990, after all - but if someone came up to me and said that 1990 was just ten years ago, I wouldn't disagree with them, I'd just be like, "Yeah, yeah," and shrug it off like it was no big deal.

Every girl wants to date batman, but every girl wants a superman in bed.. (;

The winky-face at the end makes you seem like a pervert.

If Fred and George had the Marauders Map before The Prisoner of Azkaban, they must have seen Ron sleeping with someone named Peter every night, amirite?

And they never questioned it... Kinda makes me wonder what they thought of him...

For a cartoon character, Jack Frost is freakin' hot! amirite?

Aren't they always?

We should all stop fighting over which country is better and just team up against France, amirite?

Morons shouldn't have nuclear warheads. And by morons, I mean the entire human race. Hasn't the world learned it's lesson from World War II?

Arrows are very one directional, and that's what makes them beautiful, amirite?
Humans with their limited abilities can never understand the true nature of the Universe

I love you... so much right now...