About me.

Have you ever seen a potamus? But it was goth?

My past names have been: Smitty, BumbleTheBee, and IFingerPianos.

I'll "come out" and admit that I'm a girl.

I live in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.; in one that tops Chicago in drug-related crimes. We're winners.

I have a collective taste in music. DnB, house, dubstep, electronic, orchestral, alternative, and rock are some of my favorites. To add, I don't watch much TV because there are only five channels in my house,d smilie but I like HIMYM, Law & Order, Bones, and some others...

I haven't been very active in my beliefs lately, so I don't really know what religion I follow, if I follow one at all. I'm currently reading on Wicca.
As for political beliefs, I'm not very active in those either. I'll have to do some more research before I claim a position.

On my maternal side I'm straight German and Irish. Paternally, I am proud to be Swedish and Sioux American Indian.

I'm a teen and I'm pretty sure I've been through the emo stage, the scene stage, the hipster stage, the preppy stage, even the ghetto stage. ono smilie I have low self esteem so I second-guess myself a lot. I'm probably smarter than I think.
I'm really nice to everyone. However if someone gives me shit, I'll tell you what I really think.

Oh and to follow the amirite? zeitgeist of about me's of mentioning something about harry potter and grammar.

I don't like Harry Potter and I don't care about your grammar as long as you Dontt Type Like This .