About me.

Until I figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do with my imagination, I guess I'll fit into the category of "dreamer".

Sometimes I drown in my own thoughts, and I get so overwhelmed with how messed up this world is that I honestly lose hope. Now I know this isn't going to make an ounce of sense, but I think losing hope, kind me hope. All the problems we have seem so simple in my mind but then I think about it more, and then I come up with the same conclusion every single time, we're screwed. This is a downer so I'm going to stop now.

Well, I'm a fifteen year old Sudanese American, but people constantly think I'm Paki/Indian.

I consider sitting on a computer reading amirites all day productivity.

Feel free to message me, I get more excited than I should when I get a new message. ASK ASK ASK ANYTHING! :D