Choosing the analog or physical versions of things in the digital age is a bit of a rebellious act, amirite?

A bit i guess..I know its the future and we live in the digital age and all but the 90s kid in me cant help but worry that steam or psn will go down at some point and all my video games will be gone. Same cant be said for all the games on disk and cartridge that i can play at will to this very day.

Putting vitamins into gummies for kids is the same as hiding medicine in peanut butter for dogs. amirite?

I put my duck in peanut butter

Shouldn't we plant fruit trees on side walks so homeless can eat, amirite?

Yes you should but protect the trees so they don't cut them down for firewood 🪵

There's a word for people who lie (liar), but not for people who tell the truth, amirite?

There is no word because it is assumed that regular people tell the truth - so only the opposite requires a "name"

You could be immortal, but you won't know for a while. amirite?

At 16 I was sure I was. At 55, I'm pretty sure im not.

Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?

Shooting at a range isn't really the same as training.

If he was constantly doing force on force with simmunitions maybe.

Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?
Urinals are unnecessary in waterparks, amirite?
You can't move your penis without blinking your butthole, amirite?

Buttholes don't blink, they pucker


People will blindly pay $1000 for a smart phone but would never buy a pc for half the price and better specs. amirite?

PC's are becoming antiquated.

People always talk about spooning when cuddling and who is the little spoon and who is the big spoon when in fact a big and little spoon would not fit well together at all - only same size spoons would, amirite?

Huh, but I have bigger and smaller spoons and the smaller spoon does fit with the bigger it just has to be scooted up

All math problems are mind games based on the same exact rules, amirite?

Apparently not when I do it.

Without changing the functionality of USB ports, we could surely come up with an easier way to plug them in on the first try. amirite?

USB 4 will be a symmetrical plug.

Not a single one of Medusa's victims is blinking, amirite?

Maybe they don't become stone immediately

More light helps you see better, but only to a certain point. amirite?

Then it blinds you