Despite how much you've probably walked in your home, you've never stepped in the exact same spot twice. amirite?

I only step in the same places

OCD baby!!!

Motion is not real because theoretically you could split a 1 second movement into a million images and they would all be still. amirite?
Bigfoot probably has a really big dong, amirite?
We are the next fossil fuel. amirite?

You know that the story they tell us in grade school about oil being from dinosaurs isn't scientifically correct, right?

All of us are eskimo brothers except you because we all did your mom. amirite?

My mums been dead 12 years

The "pics or it didn't happen" phrase seems juvenile but is actually quite a philosophical / existential dilemma. amirite?
@Photoshop exists

I'm talking about how the lack of physical documentation of an event can cast doubt on whether that event actually occurred or not. It's akin to the phrase "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

If smaller things could be heavier imagine how heavy the moon could be, amirite?

Implying that the moon is light?

Using commas is correct grammar but we never see it in the world of texting, amirite?

Speak for yourself, those who fail to use commas, and dogs

Couples who have 4 kids instead of 3 to prevent a "middle" child are actually creating 2 "middle" children. amirite?

Do couples actually do this?

Teachers were probably as excited as the kids were when the TV came out instead of a lesson. amirite?
Elderly drivers are more dangerous on the road than a majority of the drunk drivers that are out there. amirite?

Nope... Drunk drivers cause just under double deaths than elderly, although, it does seem like elders need to be tested often tbh, just for safety. Not more dangerous, but yeah, def dangerous.

every 20 so odd years we kill a savior impersonator, amirite?
@avrahamabulafia they never comeback to the hell they've left.

Just because they aren't immortal doesn't mean their ideas wouldn't have helped change the world for the better had they not been killed.

When you pick out the cashews from the mixed nuts you're stealing from future you. amirite?
@moisawesome how so

You've left future you with only gross Filbert's and horrific climate change

If you think about folklore suggests the idea of giants and we brush it off, but to mostly every other species we are the giant we prophesize about. amirite?

Giraffes would beg to differ.

Each one of us is the fruit of an education provided by parents who have never been trained to educate. amirite?

Guess teachers either dont have kids or aren't trained to educate