I really don’t understand gang signs. It looks like your hand is having a seizure. amirite?

i make fun of my dumb friends for it, i grew up with them but they turned out different

but if anyone else made fun of them they'd go fuck them up because they have self esteem issues lol

youd pick regular weed joints/blunts over pure chronic bowls because joints are the shit, amirite?

i fucken love joints, they work better and it gets all resonated at the tip as you smoke so it just keeps getting stronger as it burns

but i have a pipe too, i just dont like it as much :/

Lebron James > Kobe Bryant, amirite?

someone obviously doesn't watch basketball

i could go down a long list of reasons on why #24 is better than lebron, but im sure you're just trolling so i wont even waste my time


Whenever you see an old or crappy house, half of the time there's a really nice car in the driveway. It makes no sense, amirite?

well the way i see it they have three choices:

have a nice house with an ok, kinda crappy car

or have a nice car with a kinda beat up house

and if you're a drug pusher you can have anything you like :)

i like choice number 3

People need to stop using the word "legit" as a replacement for the word "really". For instance "I legit need to eat something right now or else i will like legit smash my head off of the pavement and i'll be laughing my ass off while i do it", amirite?

i know what you mean

i laugh at people trying to sound cool using the word "legit"

It's stupid when people have to TRY to be random. Real random people can't really help it and bring up subjects that have nothing to do with what your talking about, but they don't just shout something like "WAFFLE CUPCAKES!" thats not random, thats being a douche bag, amirite?

people like that should be taken to the back and shot

Back in my day we had Jesse McCartney, not Justin Bieber, amirite?
@tshah520 Beat me to it.

i bet she forgot to make this an anonymous post XD

Sunday nights just may be the WORST night of the week, amirite?

it really is :/

All the new people are confused and wondering who anthony is and why he's so awesome, amirite?

its funny when people report him for being rude


It's annoying when kids that are younger than you are facebook fans of "when I was your age, we had Keenan and Kel, not Drake and Josh", when you barely remember Kenan and Kel, amirite?
weed should be legal. amirite?
@xoxjulieexoxo needle? you smoke it.

hahaha look at my name, i was obviously kidding why do you think i put "lol"?

Sometimes you go to the refrigerator, open the door, peer inside for about 5 minutes, close the door, come back a few minutes later and repeat the cycle, amirite?

thats because my standards have lowered

Who needs to learn how to speak Spanish? All I need to know is "Will you mow my lawn for me?", amirite?
mexico is fighting a war with its own people as we speak, the drug pushers, amirite?

last time i heard it was balls out war with heads being cut off, bodys mutilated, beheadings recorded and put on the internet

what the fuck has my home country came to?

weed should be legal. amirite?

no it shouldn't, one of my relatives died using a dirty marijuana needle