Its good to be mexican...

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My brass knuckles :'(

Imagining your audience naked during a speech or presentation would never work, and no one really does that, amirite?

they would probably end up getting a boner :/

So, I went on myspace the other day, how embarrassing. Amirite?
@tortia i went on it to see how its been out of curiosity and i was like, "wait..." :D

haha i know i still have my account and i feel weird going on too

its a facebook wannabe now, not only that but its boring

I hate it when your seat belt locks and you cant move at all, amirite?

thats what its supposed to do :/

i feel more safe that way

next time someone ask's you "why'd you do it?" you should respond with "CUZ STONE COLD SAID SO!" then do the stone cold stunner on them and drink a beer right after doing so, amirite?
@thecatwhocopies yeah.. i'll pass.

its real fun though :)

you should try it

itd be weird if we were born all old and got younger by the years....wat, amirite?

and then we'd die as baby's

thats just sad

if your parents plan on taking vacation in mexico, you're not going, fuck that, amirite?

even though im mexican i wont go at this time, to much shit going on

It sucks when you fall asleep in the microwave and your family throws ketchup at you, amirite?

if i had a nickel...

they should make global money, that way your money's always good no matter what county you're in, amirite?
Parkour is not easy, amirite?

I'll admit that it doesnt look easy, but it still looks faggish.

seriously, how many people actually say 'gday mate' these days. stupid americans, amirite?

you best be trolling