Michael Jackson was murdered, amirite?

The people that agreed listen to the media and think they're telling the truth.

Bruno Mars = New michael jackson, amirite?

Why would you say such an awful thing?

Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer, amirite?

If praying doesnt work, then how does the praying mantis catch its meals?


Its good to be mexican...

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Parkour is not easy, amirite?

I'll admit that it doesnt look easy, but it still looks faggish.

tomorrow, you will most likely think about the song Friday.. amirite?

sadly, it has been embedded into me :(

guys : wearing red in southern california is a BIG no no, amirite?
@Sqwancho If you don't want to be associated with a gang then it's a bad idea to wear blue too.

like i said, blue is encouraged even if you're not in a gang, but wearing red, now that just says "im a northsider, do something about it", and gangbanging northsiders are not well liked down here.

guys : wearing red in southern california is a BIG no no, amirite?
@dzukac What about the Bloods?

thats in t he bay area, which is north cali.

guys : wearing red in southern california is a BIG no no, amirite?
@dzukac Or blue.

blue is encouraged down here in SoCal

My brass knuckles :'(

Adam and Eve had kids, and their kids had kids..... with who exactly... amirite?
weed should be legal. amirite?
@xoxjulieexoxo needle? you smoke it.

hahaha look at my name, i was obviously kidding why do you think i put "lol"?

People need to stop using the word "legit" as a replacement for the word "really". For instance "I legit need to eat something right now or else i will like legit smash my head off of the pavement and i'll be laughing my ass off while i do it", amirite?

i know what you mean

i laugh at people trying to sound cool using the word "legit"

Your ears feel clogged when you have a cold, amirite?

i couldnt hear shit out of my left ear like 2 weeks ago

shit was scary

weed should be legal. amirite?

no it shouldn't, one of my relatives died using a dirty marijuana needle