About me.

Despite my genderally suggestive username, I do, in fact, possess an XX Chromosome.

If you understand the reference in the aforementioned username, I'm obliged to automatically like you 16% more.
Born in the Year of the Rooster of the early 90's.

I've, to my relief, failed to find a social label that accommodates me, so I'm working on my own. Not sure what to call it yet. Just know this:
-Cult media is what keeps my brain in good working order. I've never seen a Tarantino piece I didn't like.
-Classic media keeps me classy. Especially if there's gratuitous violence involved (A fan of A Clockwork Orange, I am)
-Sitcoms and reality TV are the absolute low-point of modern media.
-Instead of making commentaries (and consequently, enemies) concerning music that I hate, I'll rather divulge information about music that I love: Rock. Regardless of the decade. I'm also pretty lenient with all of its influences: Punk, pop, drugs etc. Beatles, Kinks, Sex Pistols, Dire Straits, The Eagles, Golden Earring, Steppenwolf, Cream, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, KISS, Alternating Current/Direct Current, The Darkness, Dio, Green Day, Blink 182.

I'm strongly opposed to internet teen/ "randomness" culture. I hate unicorn and dinosaur references although the mythology behind unicorns and science behind dinosaurs are my idea of an enjoyable Saturday night.

I'm not fond of taking time to reveal my twisted emotional viscera to the internet community. It damages my street cred, yo.

I hate unnessecary punctuation and inconsistent capitalization, and even more so when they're utilized as text embellishments.

I carry a resilient yet unrealistic hope that my biotechnology studies will one day allow me to breed hybrid animals.

I'm in pursuit of totalitarian Utopia.