Shakespearean swearing will always be cooler than normal swearing, amirite?

I prefer swearing like Ron Weasley.

Why do guys do that hand-shake-into-a-smack-on-the-back thing, you wont look gay if you hug a dude, amirite?

i bet it's all girls that agree, and all boys that disagree.

You hate it when your girlfriend wont send you nude pics, amirite?

reminds me of that "sexting" commercial. The dude's dressed up as a phone and he's like "Nude pics! Holla back, holla back, holla back"

The world is not just America. amirite?

FALSE! God Bless America! Whoooo run the worlddddd? 'Merica! Loljk

Technically, the moon belongs to America; since they landed on it first and put their flag on it, amirite?

What f*ckery is this? The moon clearly belongs to the universe.

You still have not gotten into Pottermore, amirite?

Well that comment is unnecessary. Also, how would this make me a "faggot"?

Women's rights are good and all, but the government is overdoing it WAY too much, amirite?

Meanwhile...women are still making less than men. Absolutely ridiculous. OP IS EXTREMELY SEXIST AND IGNORANT!!!

Stefan Abingdon from The Midnight Beast has sexy hair, amirite?

HE is sexy, not just is hair!

Without google translator you'd probably fail your second language class's at school, amirite?

I dunno. Spanish was pretty easy for me.

Shakespearean swearing will always be cooler than normal swearing, amirite?
@MungJumper Occasionally and gingerly?

No like "Bloody hel!l" and "Numpty!" =) But I am ginger too lol

jack SO could have fit on that door with rose in Titanic :,( amirite?
Adding your post to own your favorites is equally as stupid as liking your own status, amirite?

Right you are. It's equally douchy

On Tumblr it seems like the majority of people on there are very insecure, amirite?
@escape_this Thats because most people are actually insecure.

True...but on Tumblr it's pretty overboard. I love the humorous stuff, but so many post are "Oh normal girls look like this, but I look like this." It seems like self-loathing almost.

The first really big word you learned when you were little was photosynthesis, amirite?

Wrong. Antidisestablishmentarianism

Drake and Josh could have been much funnier if it wasn't on a kids channel, amirite?
@NO3exclamationpoints LOL

(NO!!!): Little BITCH! is my favorite part! ahahaha