About me.

Fuck eh... Another long-ass "about me." I won't hold it against you, just don't start, because you'll NEVER stop.

Well, I'm James Bailey, I'm 16 years old and I am 5'11, I love hockey, I have been playing for about 13 years, and even though i have played soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, track and swimming in the past, i now only play hockey all year round.

If you are going to read any of my posts, and before you do... I'd like to say that about half of them are shit, so i'm sorry for that.

My best friend is Patrick Major, who happens to be a legend on this site! "patrickmajor" (He has great posts check em out) :) He is my twin brother, but, not literally as A LOT of people seem to think. I would get a blood test to prove it. But, I hate needles :/

We WILL survive the zombie apocalypse we already have a 9 point plan. Suck it

Kateisme, is exceptionally incredible, and is my fiance. :) And rightfully so. If you thought any different you were dead wrong, which i think is the name of a horror movie...? Idk.

My favorite bands and my favourite song(s) by them:
1) A Day to Remember: Another Song About The Weekend
2) Mayday Parade: I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About/ Terrible Things
3) Rise Against: Saviour
4) Zebrahead: Falling Apart
5) Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Your Gaurdian Angel
6) Breaking Benjamin: Unknown Soldier
7) Hedley: Gunnin'/ For The Nights I Can't Remember
8) Secondhand Serenade: Fall For You/ Maybe/ Vulnerable
9) AC/DC: Shoot To Thrill
10) Nickelback: Gotta Be Somebody
11) Skillet: Lucy/ Say Goodbye
12) Billy Talent: Pins And Needles/ Standing In The Rain/ Saint Veronika
13) Simple Plan: Crazy/ Addicted
14) Saliva: Going Under/ Bleed For Me/ Rest In Pieces/ Here With You
15) Asking Alexandria: The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)
16) Avenged Sevenfold: M.I.A./ Seize The Day
17) The All-American Rejects: It Ends Tonight
18) Every Avenue: For always, Forever
19) Escape The Fate: The Flood
20) Faber Drive: When I'm With You/ By My Side
21) Boys Like Girls: Thunder (Acoustic)
22) Bullet For My Valentine: Hearts Burst Into Fire/ Tears Don't Fall
23) All Time Low: Remembering Sunday
24) Green Day: Homecoming/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams
25) Go Radio: Goodnight Moon

1) Eminem: 25 To Life/ When I'm Gone
2) Lil Wayne: Right Above It
3) Drake: Say What's Real/ Ransom
4) Kanye West: Welcome To Heartbreak/ Gold Digger/ Monster
5) Kid Cudi: The Prayer
6) Chris Brown: Paper, Scissors, Rock
7) Akon: Don't Matter/ Freedom
8) 3OH!3: Richman
9) Tech N9ne: Leave Me Alone/ Red Nose

DJ BLEND! All in a class of his own y smilie Along with dubstep :D

Some of my favourite t.v. shows are: Family guy, video on trial, deal or no deal, family feud, AFV, Spike's most amazing video's, man vs. food, mantracker, etc. And basically any show that comes on the family channel, besides the one's in the morning like Handy Manny... Because two Spanish cartoon's were already bad enough.

Then there's Movies: Or is there? These are questions that puzzle the simplest of minds; The Strangers, Step Brothers, Fired Up, Bench warmers, Yes Man, The Grinch, Hide And Seek, Disturbia, Taking Of Pelham 123, Taken, Never Back Down, Love Guru, Role Models, And the list is longer than a whale's Penis. Which is arched in the air while having sex, btw. Here's a video to prove why the fuck i would ever know that and want to share it with you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TswMeHnh2cA
Jk, i idn't wanna scar you. I hope you enjoyed that black woman though, cause i sure didn't.

I love milk. :) I love Penne pasta. It is the greatest of all foodgasms, and I'm not sure that i spelt that right, but do you remember that onetime when i cared? Me neither, just like the time that black guy went to college... Doesn't ring a bell. I'm just kidding; i only pretend I'm racist, because the real thing just isn't as fun.

I think it's the cutest thing when girls bite their lip, and it makes me go crazy :$

I don't have many great talents or overly interesting qualities, but to say the most, I really like my hazel eyes which you can only see if you look closely, so come closer :) Also, i have a strawberry birthmark on my neck, that EVERYONE i know, even stranger's, have asked if it is a hickey, so in future reference, no it's not, although everyone tells me i should lie and say it is. Hmmm, those damn chicks, just can't keep away ;) I love singing; nobody said that i was good at it. Literally... I can ski, but don't do it often, and I played drums for a bit, but don't have the equipment to practice, and i have more important things to spend my money on, like food y smilie

Lastly, I have been frequently told that I am a really good person to talk to, and that I know how to make someone feel good, no matter how bad they're feeling. I pride myself on being generous and helping out anyone i see fit, though the only place in life it gets me is absolutely everywhere but the places that seem to matter. Maybe God will see how much I care. Yes, i believe in God, he (or she) for all you woman's rights activists out there, by the way fuck off. Thanks cunts :) And i only use that word because you find it very offensive, because you find everything very offensive. Yet, i don't think i believe in "Jesus our saviour", doesn't seem probable, as well as all the b.s. the bible has to offer. Sorry if i offended you in any way. Free speech motherfucker's l smilie

If i had to choose whether i would want to lick a giraffe's neck from top to bottom while gargling broth, or fuck a seagull while riding the behemoth roller coaster with my two closest grandmothers, then i'd have to say i would not like to do neither of those things. And then ask why they were ever considered acceptable actions to decide between.

I cry when I read the site Six Billion Secrets... And hugs can do wonders.

Zoop MA hoop.

I have only 1 anonymous post... http://www.amirite.net/282168
I have yet to get any potd's u smilie I'll keep my fingers crossed.

OH, and I AM CANADIAN! Though i could care less about how much better our dollar is... Because shopping in America is CHEAP! :D

They've got me on the outside, lookin in.
But I can't see at all.
With the weight of the world on my shoulders,
They just wanna see me fall. ADTR l smilie