You almost never click the home page button on a post you 'no way'ed', amirite?
@Flexi lol even when people put those in posts, most just overlook it and see the comment/post completely differant than...

Lol I know, I homepage and fave a lot though so yeah :3
I need to waste all my votes like nao xD

Post #139495! amirite?

ooh you're from england?that's so coool
i just graduated year 8 if thats the same thing as it is here

It sucks being depressed, especially now-a-day's when some people are so rude about it -,- amirite?
@Very sorry about your friend : ( you're right about people being rude, I think we all need to realize that...

It's allright, it just really annoys me that people are rude to her.
and yes it is, It's horrible.

Abortion is stupid. If people weren't stupid and maybe used a little thing called a Condom or wait to have sex til the right time, we wouldn't have to be arguing about this. amirite?

No they don't
Sperm dies after 3 seconds
they wouldn't find much

If cleaning spray liquids were put in water guns, cleaning would be so much more amusing, amirite?
What's the differece between a girl's mouth and a girl's vagina? there is none. i want my penis to be in both of them, amirite?
It's embarassing when your just chilling with your boyfriend or crush and you get really wet even though you aren't even thinking like that, amirite?
Gotta admit being a girl is pretty awesome, we can be horny and no one knows, amirite?
People under 15 should be banned from having a computer or going on the internet so they stop spamming everything with their stupidity, amirite?
@Though the vast majority are. In any case, at the age of, say 14, how much of life have you even experienced? None...

I'm 14, and I can't say I've experienced A lot, but where I live, I've seen a handful of things, and the way the worlds becoming most kids see things younger, are more are, I don't have much to argue, because "little kids" can be annoying, but they aren't THAT bad

If a straight guy gets offended when they're called gay, you wonder if a gay guy gets offended if someone were to be like, "You're straight!", amirite?
1. Sign up to amirite. 2. Start posting. 3. Get first post onto homepage. 4. Get post of the day. 5. Become a moderator. 6. Become an admin. 7. Plan a rebellion. 8. Rebel . 9. Overthrow. 10. Amirite is mine... That's a nice plan, amirite?

I'm pretty sure I skipped some steps
Plus, not many become Admin.

You wonder if anyone actually ever buy's the thing's they advertise on TV, amirite?
george w. bush was the best president in american history, amirite?
It sucks being depressed, especially now-a-day's when some people are so rude about it -,- amirite?
@How did u meet a guy that was 4 years older than you?!?!?!?!

Hah my bestfriend xD long storiee, i didnt know he was older when we met and all, we're still shocked we're attracted to eachother so mucb