Your tits get way bigger from 8th to 9th grade, amirite?
If cleaning spray liquids were put in water guns, cleaning would be so much more amusing, amirite?
The best moderators on this site are Chromana, Anthony, MaxMan15000, and Choday, amirite?
What's a mod? amirite?
it would kick ass if i made my own amirite app and released it before anthony releases his, amirite?
Amirite should have some sort of fans option, where you can become a fan of a certain user because you like their posts. amirite?
I must be out of the loop, since I don't know who the fuck Anthony is, amirite?
@lESliE418 Okk. im outa the loop here too haha wut r mods and like how do they become one

lol mods they're the one who put the posts on the homepage
and you need good grammar, and need to know ant to become one, further questions, message my profile..

Amirite should really have an Ipod or phone app, amirite?
I've never stolen out of the cookie jar before. Hell, we never even had a damn cookie jar! Only those fucking plastic Chips Ahoy packages, amirite?
When you see the numbers in No Way you wonder if its some old nasty mean people. amirite?
Ants never complain about humans ruining their picnic, amirite?
@for calling you an it? no problem,

Yet I can say who I am, and you can't, oh your words hurt so much

You may not like trolls, but you have to admit they make the site a lot more fun. amirite?
@Archenyte How can they make a person unable to get to the homepage?

they post over anf over again, therefore making the post on the just in sink down on the just in page, not really helping anyone

They should implement a feature that shows exactly how much you agree with another person based on your total votes on posts. Amirite?

There was one

Leo should have never become an Elder, amirite?
Post #139495! amirite?

hah you'recool to talk to
adddd me,[: