You almost never click the home page button on a post you 'no way'ed', amirite?
@Flexi Haha I don't thinknI've used five of my votes in one night :)

Aha oh wow
I've used 40 in a day xD
I got 30 though
Spending them

Abortion is stupid. If people weren't stupid and maybe used a little thing called a Condom or wait to have sex til the right time, we wouldn't have to be arguing about this. amirite?
The POTD right now... really isn't that cool or good or clever, amirite?

what would you prefer?

You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?

Failed so hard I havd to fave it smirk smilie

Can We Pretend That Airplanes In The Niqht Sky Are Like Shootinq Stars?? :)<33, amirite?

The scientist would have a field day.

when someone asks you how you feel, sometimes you don't know, because things are so bad, you avoid even thinking about it, amirite?
i no longer have the desire to live. im not depressed or anything like that, i just dont want to live anymore. i should proboably take my own life. amirite? (im going to probably do it even if some peope say motivational stuff...just saying) ps, if i do...ill be going out happy and with a smile on my face :) amirite?
If a straight guy gets offended when they're called gay, you wonder if a gay guy gets offended if someone were to be like, "You're straight!", amirite?

repeat much.. should have an i.m bar. amirite?

it has a chat

You are not a serial killer, amirite?

who says so?

Amirite should have an app in the app store, amirite?
you remember the first time you cut yourself with a shaving razor, that shit hurt! amirite?
@IVAN_CUATROVEINTE people who disagree are emos >:(

you can't stereotype like that, maybe they dont remember

they really need to update amiwrong. come on people be more stupid. amirite?

You really need to research before you post :x
Anthony is on vacation.