If you substitute pot in for Scooby Snacks, suddenly it all makes sense, amirite?

Mystery solved.

@Favvkes colors* dirty Brits and their unnecessary "u"s

Silly Americans changing all the spellings just to seem independent.

Philosophical_panda is a pretty cool guy. eh funny and doesn't afraid of anything, amirite?

Image in content LOLOLOLOLOL

Trying to forget an old lover is one of the hardest things, amirite?

That's a task I've accomplished. Gentlemen: if you're talking on the phone with a girl, and she's telling you she's touching herself, don't buy it for a second - not even the other ends of phone sex lines touch themselves.

Rebecca is gonna get down to Wal-Mart on Black Friday, amirite?

rebecca might be getting down to walmart on black friday, but she's gonna miss all the good sales because she's too busy picking a seat.

Hot guys should not have ugly girlfriends. AmiRite?

You're right, they should have boyfriends instead. y smilie

Trying to forget an old lover is one of the hardest things, amirite?

Yeah, it sucks because my old lovers always forget me, what with the alzheimer's and everything

Homosexuals are people too. My teacher was discussing homosexuals and then when she referred to straight, she called them normal people. Gay people are normal people too. amirite?
@"Normal" does not necessarily refer to the majority. Left handed people are in the minority but you wouldn't call...

Dictionary.com describes normal as, "the average or mean." And with the racial minorities one, if there was 99 white people in a room and 1 black person, would you not consider the black person abnormal? Same goes for 99 black people and 1 white person.

Guys: masturbating is obvious, you grab it and push and pull it, but girls, how do you masturbate? like you cant just pull on all the vaginal skin and pull it up and down, and you cant put things in your vagina hole if its not a penis, so do you rub your boobs or somting? amirite?
@burnagaininja you masturbate your fingers?? but whats a dildo?

They're inanimate penises made from many materials. Now I bet your parents are gonna come after me because I told their child some naughty, naughty things.

My name is...Obama and...I...don't...have enough time...in a day....to....at least ....memorize ...the ...speech......written....for me...last....night. amirite?

I'd like to see you try to make a speech in front of the whole country.

If you take a test and just answer "42" for every question, the teacher should give you full credit, amirite?
@th3don I did that in my math class. I got full credit, but ms spulnik was awesome..

I highly doubt the accuracy of your story, but you might want to try telling it to MLIA.

According to your parents, if amirite wants your birthday and country, THEN ANTHONY IS TRYING TO RAPE YOU! amirite?

It's not rape if you want it.