I won't be sitting in his chair any time soon.

I didn't change my avatar, but here's a photo of my brother and me. (I'm about 3, and he's about 7.)
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Mine is pink a smilie
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Happy birthday, Marky .... now make a wish! clap smilie
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Please post a song from your teen years suitable for slow, romantic dancing.

Here's one that still touches an old lady's heart. a smilie
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Why are older women so catty towards young attractive girls?

I'm not ... I love to see people enjoying life. And even though I'm an old woman of 68, I still manage to have fun myself. I'm not all that unique.

Who do you have blocked? You can tell because you have them blocked.
Who else if sick of telemarketer and scam calls?

Yes! It's like having a stranger suddenly barge into your home to pressure you to buy, donate, vote their way, or whatever! I'm so grateful for caller i.d. .... if I don't recognize the name or number, I no longer answer the phone. On the rare occasion when one gets through, I simply hang up. crs smilie

Have a wonderful birthday, JD! Cheers!
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It's hideous that such things (and the people who buy them) exist in the world.

I don't worry. But if I see that it makes no sense or makes the meaning unclear, I'll try to post a correction.

I'm here!
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Bob's your uncle! (There you have it!)

Have a wonderful birthday! Now make a wish!
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When you're on the job, you are representing your employer. Even though you have a right to free speech, you can face consequences when you're on the company's time and payroll.