@Horseboat Why would you want to put counterfeit money into circulation?

They do actually have certain bound packs of bills that have ink packs in them. They explode and mark all of the bills in the bag. Tellers will usually keep them in the drawer and put them in the bag with the real money in times of robbery.

Homework is actually an idiotic concept, considering how you seem to forget everything the next day. amirite?
@spimax12 first, i have 7 hours of school, second, it doesn't really matter if we do it at home because we are gonna relearn...

In response to your comment, which was originally directed at me (just clarifying so I'm not attacked for anything), if students were able to retain knowledge from the previous year by valuing homework and putting effort into it, not only would there be less need to "re-teach", we would have more time to devote to furthering education and creating a truly intelligent generation rather than one forced to pass through bent rules. We are so afraid of "leaving children behind" we never give them the opportunities to push themselves to become better, more intelligent citizens. We will never see advances in our society unless we start taking responsibility for our education and valuing it, and mentalities like the one you've expressed are what sadden me and make me believe this is all a pipe dream.

Homework is actually an idiotic concept, considering how you seem to forget everything the next day. amirite?
@spimax12 thats what classwork and tests are for!

Education does not stop after 8 hours in class. Those 8 hours are spent merely to expose you to certain ideas and philosophies, but it is our duty to ingrain those pieces of information in our minds so that we may be able to use them when the time comes.

Homework is actually an idiotic concept, considering how you seem to forget everything the next day. amirite?
@spimax12 why not, it kinda true, all it does is waste your time reteaching what you just learned the same day

Homework isn't intended to "reteach," it's to refresh and practice what you've learned. You can read a book on how to ride a bike all day, but until you get out and hop on that seat you'll never learn to ride a bike.

Driving a manual is SO much more fun. -_- I get awesome mpg in my little manual dodge neon, but it's really hard to drive in heels...

...If there are puddles...it's probably raining. :)

Stage actors in general are better than Movie actors, amirite?

THANK YOU. Not to mention CGI, editing, auto-tune, and many other production factors that digitally enhance a performance. Plus, a stage performer must project the emotion all the way to the top-most balcony, not just the camera several feet away.

You wish you were a regular on this site, amirite?
Although they sounds kinda gross, you still want to have spaghetti taco night, amirite?
Real men drive manual cars, amirite?

I drive a stick? I don't find it that odd or especially attractive...

They really need to make the walkways softer at water parks so your feet don't get cut and scratched after the first couple of hours, amirite?

or burnt...-_- not fun!

My first day of school was just cancelled for tomorrow for the earthquake. Small town, big news, big shakes, school closes! amirite?

Looks like there is now 105 days of summer vacation for you. xD

(I crack myself up.)

Californians: All the east-coasters getting freaked out are hilarious, amirite?

I understand what was meant by this post, but the significant difference is, yes, Californians are prepared for earthquakes. Their buildings are prepared for earthquakes while those on the east coast are not, making earthquakes of equal magnitudes more threatening on the east coast and, therefore, scarier.

But I do see the humor. :)

I think it's nice that Voldemort always waits until the end of the school year to try and kill Harry. Despite his flaws, Voldemort really cares about Harry’s education, amirite?

Uhm, you know, except for his first year? When he was attached to the skull of his DATDA teacher and tried to murder Harry? Yeeeahhhh.

You choose your shampoo based on smell, not quality, but choose your conditioner based on quality, not smell. amirite?
@Icel Nah, I buy sets

Agree. I can't stand using two shampoo/conditioners of different sets. Usually I pick a brand I really like and go for the best scent. :)