It's as ridiculous to compare science and religion as it is to try to substitute one for the other. Science is analyzing the natural world whereas religion is trying to find meaning in the world. They are different concepts that do not need to contradict each other. That's about the same as trying to compare drama class with textiles class. They both can work together, but are different aspects of the same production. Amirite?

Religion and science are intended to coexist. As Wernher von Braun said, "Science and religion are not antagonists. On the contrary, they are sisters. While science tries to learn more about the creation, religion tries to better understand the Creator."
Some contend that science disproves religion, but they forget that religion cannot and is not supposed to be proven. If I could prove the existence of God, faith would go out the window and religion would be pointless. Without the necessary element of faith (belief in and knowledge of things not seen which are true), religion would cease to be.

Fantasy football would be more interesting if you could have elves and dragons in your team.

Aside from the unlikelihood of fantasy football ever being interesting, there are a few problems with that:

  • There are many different kinds of dragons. Some that fly, some that don't have arms, some that only live in water, some that eat people and some that have other features to make the game more complicated than it needs to be.
  • No self-respecting elf would put on such silly armor.
  • Are they Christmas elves or LOTR-style elves?
  • Having elves around would make it nigh-impossible for new players to get into the league since many are immortal or obscenely longlived.
Religion is high functioning autism. amirite?
@twat_waffle (jazzman3) Shut the fuck up. I'm so happy religion is going extinct. Look it up. It's gonna happen.

I'm more offended by you bringing autism into the mix. I've been mocked for being religious up and down all my life, I can handle that. What I won't stand for is being mocked for a mental disability.

You can't wait until the whole dubstep trend has disappeared from mainstream music, amirite?

This is invalid because most mainstream electronica that American audiences like to label "dubstep" isn't actually dubstep. Skrillex touches on elements of dubstep from time to time but most American electronica these days is synthpop, house or techno. True dubstep is more common in the UK.

Despite the latest political boo-boos, you still will stand by and defend Obama to the death because he is still the best and you wouldn't be caught dead ever voting for a Republican.

I wouldn't be caught dead voting for a Republican or a Democrat.

In elementary school we used to dream of driving everywhere we we got older, and a dollar was too much to pay for a gallon of gas, amirite?

I disagree only because gas was around $1.90 a gallon when I was in elementary school, lol :-P

Musicians- You really wish you could travel back in time and visit Bach, Mozart or some other classical composer and play some modern music and see what they say, amirite?
It's weird to think that names like Jessica or Rachel will probably be considered "old lady names" in the future, amirite?

Fortunately, my name hasn't ever been particularly popular so it's generation-less :-D

Apparently 85% of the U.S. believes in God, which is hard to believe, amirite?

I don't have trouble believing that. A lot of Americans believe in God but ignore Him and His commandments because they don't believe He plays a role in their lives. They're too busy being wrapped up in themselves.

It's really disappointing how one curse word really ruins the entire song, amirite?
@J_TT_S How can one swearword ruin a song? In many it just emphasises the passion behind the lyrics.

I find the use of such words takes away from the artistic value of the song

The biggest problem with our generation is that too many of us believe that there's nothing left to discover, or invent, or even fight for. It's like we're just sitting around waiting for the older generation to die so that we can take over. We're just so preoccupied with our measly little worlds we can't see all the shit going on around us, or we just don't care, amirite?
@MissAwesomeness The problem with our generation is people complaining about our generation and not doing shit to chane anything...

I think the problem with our generation in addition to being defeatist is a growing sense of passive nihilism. Many people do nothing because they believe nothing matters.

People with autism are no different than you or me:) amirite?

Take it from somebody who is autistic- we are different. Having autism (in my case, more specifically Asperger's Syndrome) makes a very big difference in how I have to live my life and how I function in society. Am I able to get around it? Yes. Have I learned how to appear normal? Yes. But there is still that difference. I still feel a separation from the rest of the world- a manifestation of autism's etymology (the word comes from the Greek autos, meaning self). We are still people and should be treated equally, but we are different. To deny that difference is to do us a disservice and by doing so you appear patronizing and rather like a kindergarten teacher.
I don't mean this comment to be malicious or coldhearted- I merely want you to realize that we are different.

The Pledge of Allegiance should be changed

As in abolished.

Musicians- You really wish you could travel back in time and visit Bach, Mozart or some other classical composer and play some modern music and see what they say, amirite?
@They'd probably be like-- "Why the hell am I even bothering?"

I personally would really want to play some jazz for Bach on an organ or harpsichord haha

God is real if someone come from the futer. For example, Jesus is positive proof that god is real because Jesus was born in 4 BC, or and was therefore born before he was born, which means he came from the futer to be born, amirite?
@MusicIsAGift Have you seen this post?

Oh hell, that's even worse. I believe in God but His existence needs to be defended properly.