Fantasy football would be more interesting if you could have elves and dragons in your team.

Aside from the unlikelihood of fantasy football ever being interesting, there are a few problems with that:

  • There are many different kinds of dragons. Some that fly, some that don't have arms, some that only live in water, some that eat people and some that have other features to make the game more complicated than it needs to be.
  • No self-respecting elf would put on such silly armor.
  • Are they Christmas elves or LOTR-style elves?
  • Having elves around would make it nigh-impossible for new players to get into the league since many are immortal or obscenely longlived.
Kirpan's should defiantly be banned. They're serious weapons and they can injure human beings. Why is it that normal human beings can't carry weapons do defend themselves yet Sikhs can, amirite?
@I am impressed by this amirite mainly because it invites real discussion, instead of being witty or trying too...

My bad for the spelling error. I prefer having the serious discussions rather then the witty jokes that often lead me to go ono smilie. I don't actually agree with this post though. I wanted to see how many people would agree with me and what their reasons were.

I feel as if the kirpan shouldn't be banned. If they're going to take away the kirpan, they should take away other religious items that can cause harm such as the cross. If you think about it, any item can be seen as harmful. If you're going to take away something from their religion, I believe this should apply for everyone else. Also, scissors are way more harmful then the kirpan. Why aren't those taken away? I've actually seen a kirpan before and it's not really that harmful as it seems to be. If someone's going to wave the kirpan around and play with it, I could see why it should be taken away. But it's not, it's hidden deep in their pockets. There's very few incidences where the kirpan is abused too.

I'm assuming people just don't care, don't know what it is, or have no opinion on it which surprises me. :P