His right arm is so long!

They make backpacks with alarms to "keep away bullies." If anything, carrying a backpack like that would ATTRACT bullies. Amirite?

i read that as "a backpack with arms"

There's no way to avoid "what ifs." Every time you make a decision, you leave behind something you will wonder about and not know what would have happened if you had made the other choice, amirite?

and that is called opportunity cost

You remember when AIM/AOL was the main form of communication between you and your friends, amirite?
@Kaitlyn I never knew anyone that used these, we used to use msn haha.

i remember hearing about msn and i never knew what it was when i was younger

They need to make a box of just marshmallows from Lucky Charms and sell just the middle of Oreos, amirite?

They actually do sell just the marshmallows of Lucky Charms

There's just something quite delightful about Jell-O, amirite?
@ilikefurrywolves4815 they jiggle like boobs!

well, for guys i'm sure that's quite delightful

Lucid dreaming is awesome. Doing literally whatever you want for 8 hours with no danger or consequences,amirite?
@LamWin I've been lucid dreaming involuntarily about every other night since I was 6. The 2 main things you'll be using...

Once I realize that I'm lucid dreaming, I can never fly. It's physically impossible for me to get off the ground, even though a moment before I was flying perfectly with everyone else. Also, running. Sometimes I'll be running like a speed-demon, and once I realize what I'm doing, my legs seize up and I can't move.

Is it me or did Aragog the Acromantula (Hp 2) look so much bigger then in Harry Potter and the Half-blooded Prince when he died? amirite?
@Simon Most likely reason - the movies are pretty inconsistent (more worried about looking exciting than following the...

well, the movies are inconsistent because they went through different directors. the first two were made by the same guy, the third a different one, and i think the rest by another? so we can't expect the movies to follow along the same guidelines, although the new directors should try and keep certain aspects similar.

Is it me or did Aragog the Acromantula (Hp 2) look so much bigger then in Harry Potter and the Half-blooded Prince when he died? amirite?
It seems as if the soda, Sierra Mist just disappeared. You never see/hear about it anymore. Amirite?

at my job we serve sierra mist instead of sprite

You wonder if actors like Jack Black who are known for being fat, want to lose weight but don't because it could affect their career. amirite?

I know that Ham from the sandlot was known for being that pudgy kid, and when he grew up he lost a lot of weight and people didn't want him anymore for movies and stuff because he wasn't that fat kid anymore.

Boys have three knees... their right knee, their left knee, and their wee-knee, amirite?

or hi-knees?

You feel like a lost puppy the first time you're at your girlfriend's/boyfriend's house because you don't want to be left in a room with their family, amirite?
@Montana That's a bit weird. You should always eat. otherwise you're just insulting those who cooked it.

Oh i'm much better now about it, that was the first time i met his whole family and was so intimidated. they're a loud bunch..

There's always that one person who leaves a little bit of milk in the milk bag just waiting for you to change it, amirite?
At least once you had a dream that was so awesome you almost/actually started crying when you woke up, amirite?

I had one that was so scary i woke up crying..does that count?