About me.

Hi, my name is Jennifer, not Jenny or Jen. A "Jenny" is a female donkey, so an ass, who is also a bitch. That's not me.
I'm a junior in Highschool.
I turn 17 the ides of March, 2012.
I? Love! Punctuation.
I love to sing.
I like choppy sentences. Did I mention that I like punctuation?
Je parle Francais, mais, Je ne parle pas bien. Je me parle. Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas.
I make pretty lame posts.
I live in Texas; It's a pretty awesome place to live.
I am a Christian, but that doesn't keep me from keeping an open mind about science and other religions' beliefs. You shouldn't put others down because their opinions differ from your own. I may be a Baptist, but I'm not going to shove my religion down your throat. I want people to want to learn about Christianity, not be forced to learn it.