It sucks when all you want is to find your soul mate, and youre a teen guy surrounded by superficial bitches, amirite?

It sucks when all you want is a soulmate, but you're a teen girl surrounded by a bunch of guys who think they're guitar gods, amirite?

The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage, amirite?

Although that may be true, I know that I'll ALWAYS make sure that you keep those MEMORIES and a NEW PERSPECTIVE of that INTRODUCTION to the pornomime at NINE IN THE AFTERNOON (make sure to mark it on THE CALENDAR) when you CONSTANTLY THANK GOD FOR ESTEBAN during the INTEMISSION for getting you food because WERE SO STARVING.

It doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or not, you do not believe "judgement day" is May 21st, 2011. No one can predict the end of the world successfully, amirite?

I actually have a giant concert that day, I'm wearing a shirt that has a picture of the billboard that says 'judgement day: May 21st' and underneath says 'OP is a n00b'. Its rather humerous.