About me.

Full name? Jessica Arrabella Emily Charlotte Constance Errington.
Nickname? Jess/Jerrington/Jessabella/Jerry/Jemily.
Sex? Female
Age? 16
Height? 5ft 4
Appearance? Tan, blonde hair, brown eyes, and rosy lips :)
Location? London
Current location? Farm is derbyshire
Siblings? 3 sisters, 2 brothers.

i used to have a imaginary friend rupert.
i USED to go to an all girls boarding school in the countryside
now i go to the local grammar school
i love drama and history
i play guitar piano and drums
i'm dyslexic
i'm waiting for my first kiss
i play scrabble, sky rim, swim, horseride and regularly go to the gym.
i got an art scholarship
i listen to any music, not saying what my favourite bands are- too many people judge you by music taste.
my favourite colours blue
i have braces :(
i've met the queen twice! :)
i believe the tax payers money should go to me
i believe in black jesus
i'm very head-srtong about my oppions.
I suck at spelling.
I find pervertedness pretty funny usually.
I hate drama. - like the bitchy sense
I will ALWAYS defend what I think is right.
i quote lyrics in evryday situations
i religiously watch youtube videos.. and find them funny
oh and i stalk some people on facebook...
i hate text talk :l it annoys me when people put 'u' instead of 'you' bla bla bla.
Ive had long,inappropriate chats with all my teachers at least once, awesome? Yes.

AND Pretty much to wrap this shit up, You see that button above this little box? The one that says "JERRINGTON" ? Click it.
Read the posts you see ;)
And you know the buttons on the posts? The ones that say "Yeah You Are!" and "No Way" ? Pick one, and click it.
Its very much appreciated.

Don't you feel better, as a human being, now that you've done something very much appreciated?
Continue on with your amirite? -ing. :)