In the past month, there's been a spike in members that are a carbon copy of freespeechfreelancer. Amirite?
Grunge or Hair Metal

I'm more into authentic, classic heavy metal, such as: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath. Also progressive metal such as Rush, and Dream Theater.

God created science. Then, he used science to create the Universe which is a great miracle itself.

What are you procrastinating on right now?

Unfortunately, I'm here fiddling around on the computer when I should be painting a living room.

Why Do Muslims Hate Christians?

The Koran tell them that we are scum to be eliminated, that's why.

I am also Libertarian. The government has no business dictating what a person does to himself/herself.

Why Do Muslims Hate Christians?

My hearing is terrible. (That's what I get for being a drummer) Everyone always goes onto the speakerphone. Explaining it every time would get extremely redundant.


I just don't think of it. I really don't think I'm hurting anything.

How often do you fulfill your self-expections?

Usually, when I set a goal, I reach it but sometimes I set the bar a little too high.

FOX Viewers least informed. Surprised?

Fox is no worse than the others. They all feed you what the money boys want you to think and the people are generally zombies who nod "yes" the whatever the tv says.

FOX Viewers least informed. Surprised?