About me.

My name is Jessica.

My middle name is Dey. It's pronounced like "day", not "dee".

I like to read, a lot. I like Twilight and Harry Potter. But I've read stuff better than both.

I'm judgmental; I can't help it.

I get pretty worked up when I watch the St. Louis Cardinals play.

My biggest dream in life would be to go to Yale, but I doubt it will happen.

I live in very small town, but I don't mind it.

I'm in band. Yeah, I'm a cool kid with a clarinet.

Getting homepaged makes me happy! :D

I'm pessimistic.

I like the color pink.

I have an obsession with Hello Kitty.

My favorite show is Gilmore Girls. Seriously, I love it. I would die if they made a reunion movie.

I kinda like school. I like the learning part. Not the boring part where teachers lecture on the same point for 30 minutes. That's not cool.

Drama can be pretty entertaining if you aren't actually involved yourself.

Yeah, that's all.

Also Jamie just hacked into this sucker!! 8.4.2011

(hacked; you forgot to log out. Eh. Same thing.)