Liking your own Facebook status is a sure sign that you're a tool, amirite?

Unless you write "I kissed a girl" and then like it. Then, it's just awesome. :D

If Santa Claus was real, he wouldn't be at the North Pole. He'd be at the South Pole to hang out with the penguins, amirite?

He's not real?

Hangovers suck, amirite?
Bloody noses are a pain, amirite?

waggles eyebrows suggestively

Guys have it SO much easier than girls, amirite?

Honestly, it's true...

My profile picture makes me look older than I am, amirite?
@Lex No? Okay then LOL

Sorry, youtube. :D I remember when they were huge. YouTube video thumbnail

What's the point of having a 2-Disc Collector's Edition with 3D glasses of Coraline if you can't watch it? amirite?
@Rocky Gotcha. Such a great movie though. Does he like James and the Giant Peach?

A little bit.... He hasn't seen it very much. And he saw it when he was young. But all my younger cousins hate Coraline. :P

Life without the internet would not be cool, amirite?
It'd be kind of weird to be popular on this site, amirite?
It sucks when many amirite members play some kind of instrument and the only one you can play is the Guitar Hero one :( amirite?

I shall. Aha... 69. :D

Magikarp doesn't live up to his name, amirite?
A lot of users made their account on here in summer 2010, amirite?
@K4IT yes, cause you really know me, random bitch on the internet. Good day.

Haaa, I'm just stating how you just forgot about almost half of the world.
Good day to you, over-defensive whore.

Hangovers suck, amirite?

Didn't know that. :D Nice to meet you. It scared the shit outta me. :D

"Typewriter" is typed with only the top row of keys, amirite?
A lion would never cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood. amirite?