If TV stands for television, why doesn't TP stand for telephone? amirite?

doesn't TP stand for Teachers Pet?

When you're online Facebook or chat and someone says "hi", you don't IMMEDIATELY reply back, because that's kinda creepy.. amirite?

I reply straight away unless its someone i like, coz i don't want to come across as too keen :/

Dramatic exits aren't as effective when you slam into the door, amirite?

...or when the door has one of those things that makes it close slowly, so when you go to slam it it just casually closes at it's own pace.

"Wanna" means "want to", "gotta" means "got to", shouldn't "kinda" mean "kind to"? amirite?
Sometimes you just really want it to be Christmas time so you can listen to Christmas music, sit by a fire, eat cookies and relax as snow falls gently outside, amirite?

'sept it doesn't snow in australia, in fact it's usually one of the hottest days, so sitting by a fire would be pointless.... but I other wise agree that i sometimes wish it could x-mas already :P

Picking up a person that weighs a hundred pounds is easy. Picking up a bag of rocks that weighs a hundred pounds is like death.. amirite?

yeah coz a person can support themselves, like ballerinas. It has a lot to do with the girls core strengnth rather than the guys arm strength

Picking up a person that weighs a hundred pounds is easy. Picking up a bag of rocks that weighs a hundred pounds is like death.. amirite?
it awkward when you think someone is looking at you in a class and you look at them but they aren't really looking at you. amirite?

Also awkward when your staring in to space near their head and then they turn and think that you're staring at them :/

Girls? Weak? Yeah right! I bet we can carry TWICE as many shopping bags as guys! amirite?

nah, why carry the bags yourself when you can guve them to your boyfriend/male shopping companion baha

Sarcasm must be the strangest thing to young children. I mean hearing Mommy say, "Oh great.. superb! Fantastic..this is perfect, the oven is broken again!", would sound so weird. Amirite?

mmm i dunno i know a lot of sarcastic little kiddies. They learn fast baha

You had no idea Mandy Moore voiced Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled, amirite?

How could you not know?? she was everywhere, or did she only promote the movie in Australia :/

You feel really good when you manage to make the essay length requirements by just changing your font size or line spacing, amirite?

making the font size bigger doesn't magically turn a 1500 word essay into the 2000 words you were supposed to write :/

Voldemort would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids, amirite?
@Ross I never read Harry potter, what is a horcrux? I see that word and I think "that poor slut..."

read the books.. or just watch the movie and your mind will be blown. AND you will get to know what a horcrux is :D

You used to think a watermelon would grow in your stomach if you swallowed the seeds, amirite?

yup coz of that rugrats episode, when chuckie ate the watermelon seed. BAHA

You wish your sofa had cup holders, amirite?
@Mine does....

(ANON.): Yup mine too ;)