Are you for or against the death penalty?

I am against - the state should not have the power to kill its citizens

Character is power

I read this as 'chocolate is power'. I prefer that.

To all the 'nice guys' in the friendzone - if you're only being nice to a girl to try and have sex with her, you're not that nice at all

ok that made me laugh, well done

Everyone talks about the poor nice guys in the friend zone; what about all the nice girls stuck there! amirite?
You wouldn't be able to see thestrals if they existed, amirite?

Ah Dad. That was a bad day.

I think most marriages would be a lot happier if both husband and wife had their own bedroom.

"Tomato, toe-mah-toe." You know. For the 0.0000001% of the population that says toe-mah-toe, amirite?

I'm British and I would say tom-ah-toe over tom-ay-toe. Pot-ar-to is surely the real issue at hand.

Atheists usually end up bashing Christianity more than any other religion, amirite?
Girls: Theres ONE guy that you would definitely consider being a slut for. amirite?

If it's one guy, isn't that the opposite of a slut?

Feminism isn't about equality. It's about female self interest and revenge, amirite?
When you think about it, there's practically no way any religion is COMPLETELY true, amirite?
Scamming £40,000 worth of benefits = 18 months in jail; scamming £80,000 worth of expenses to pay for your second home = 4 years as the Deputy Prime Minister, amirite?
It's sweet/romantic when two people lose their virginities to each other, amirite?

PurpleKneeSox really needs to get laid

Your hand is always the best alternative to paper, amirite?

not when it comes to the toilet

There's no way it was an "accident" that the Earth magically formed by itself and had oxygen, water, sunlight, and humans who "accidentally" were made but coincidentally had reproductive organs, brains, and body parts perfectly arranged so that we could move and breathe and think. Why couldn't God just have done all that stuff on purpose? amirite?

if there is a god who has the power to do all that, why is he such a cunt?