Vegans/Vegetarians: Please share when you stopped eating meat and what made you stop. I will post mine after a few replies.

I don't think it's creepy. If people didn't pursue love the human race would die out.

Being really sexy can sometimes be a very heavy load to carry.

Trolling makes you age faster.

activists are annoying

Does your husband know that you spend so much time on the internet?

activists are annoying
If you believe that humans evolved from retarded fish frogs you may be a retard yourself.

Atheists believe it.

At what age is it too old to be open mouth kissing your grandmother?

You're never to old to open mouth kiss a grandparent.

This is going to labeled racist even though there's no race involved in it what so ever.


I know how much you love those "I'm I pretty" questions.

I just want a wall to keep those damned Canadians out!

Who is the one who decides who we get?

What's more important, Healthcare or guns?

If a thug is beating your head into a sidewalk then a gun is more important... just ask George Zimmerman.

Why did British leave India? was their pure purpose to take all wealth and gold from India and then they said tata good bye or there was international pressure on British to not to tyrannize Indians and leave India? British did the same thing with Australia but they never left it. Australia was easy prey for British to take over as they didn't have to clash with Australian. Australians have been tyrannized more than Indians by the British so why they never raised any objection. why the Australians never got to gather and asked British to leave their county?

Maybe they left because everything in India smells like curry and goats head soup.

Within 2 minutes of meeting an atheist or a vegan they will make sure to tell you they are an atheist or a vegan.

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What’s the best museum you’ve been to?

The Art Institute of Chicago

also, Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Hastings Nebraska.