Video shows Israeli soldier walk up to subdued Palestinian and executes him

Thank you Israeli soldier!

Why are Trump haters so damn stupid?

How do you know you like someone? What feelings do you get? Also, how do you know you dislike someone...

When I like someone my panties get moist and my nipples get hard.

You like to make others feel good... What does this mean to you?

Making others feel good helped pay my way through college.

Has a man ever told to get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich?
Do you find it ironic that the person who makes the best amirite posts named himself after a nasty McDonalds sandwich?

McRib is as wonderful and unique as his name.

Do you still have a landline?
@Tammy_G Thank-you for giving me your name for my block list. Troll over on the incest post, OK? Off you go.....wheeeee!

Incest is not a topic that should just be swept under the rug! Discussion can be a huge part of healing for some people.

No topic should be banned from discussion!

Elephants are better off in the circus than in the wild.

There are some Posts on here that do //nothing //to enhance my feeling of well-being.
@GingerPeach I really don't know much about the person you are talking about. Has everyone blocked him? How do you block someone?

You're replying to one of amirites biggest troll. Don't let him fool you. He has like 10 other accounts that he uses to troll good members with.

What's the most disgusting thing you had in your fly into your hair?
Is an act of kindness and generosity performed by an Atheist false because it is not done in the name of God?

When has an Atheist ever preformed an act of kindness or generosity?

Seems like some people in America don't want peace because war is so profitable for so many.

If it wasn't for war there would be no peace.

Whiskey and 7up or whiskey and Coke?

Four or five does the trick!

@E_Norma_Stits There's really no way of knowing for sure if a person is or isn't who they claim to be. Only an ass wipe would...

I agree, the author of this thread is an obvious troll who probably stole his avatar and user name from some other site.