Do you believe that Hillary does Yoga?

No, getting really, realy drunk and yoga don't mix.

Has a man ever told to get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich?

Yes, a good woman knows her place.

Are Agnostics less annoying as Atheists?

Yes, I've never known an atheist who wasn't annoying.

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?

With that much money I'd be to busy shopping to worry about love.

Why are older women so catty towards young attractive girls?
@I doubt that you're even female - let alone a young, attractive one.

You're anonymous, so your opinion doesn't count. Get a user name and a real avatar of yourself and then we'll talk.

WILL IT EVER STOP? Another Priestly Pervert off to Jail

More factory workers molest children than priests do. Why don't the nut ball atheists ever talk about them?

Is squirrel suicide on the rise in your area?

Turtles make good soup.

Yes, has anyone else noticed that Melz is even dumber sounding the he was on SodaHead?

@E_Norma_Stits There's really no way of knowing for sure if a person is or isn't who they claim to be. Only an ass wipe would...

I agree, the author of this thread is an obvious troll who probably stole his avatar and user name from some other site.

I have a couple of childish ding bats harassing me and they're not anonymous.

What you want your headstone to say?


Within 2 minutes of meeting an atheist or a vegan they will make sure to tell you they are an atheist or a vegan.

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Why did British leave India? was their pure purpose to take all wealth and gold from India and then they said tata good bye or there was international pressure on British to not to tyrannize Indians and leave India? British did the same thing with Australia but they never left it. Australia was easy prey for British to take over as they didn't have to clash with Australian. Australians have been tyrannized more than Indians by the British so why they never raised any objection. why the Australians never got to gather and asked British to leave their county?

Maybe they left because everything in India smells like curry and goats head soup.