Women's masturbation should be called 'Jilling Off', amirite?

Considering my name is Jill, please God, don't let this catch on....

You have at least one YouTube video that you can watch over and over and never tire of it, amirite?

Kittens, Inspired by Kittens!
YouTube video thumbnail

If you really think about it, being immortal would suck, amirite?

We all learned that in Tuck Everlasting.

You know you're in Canada when there's a snow storm in April , amirite?

And all over Michigan.

All rapists should get a MANDITORY castration upon being found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, amirite?

The real issue is that any people are falsly charged with crimes they didn't commit. How do you apoligize to a guy who you casterated when you later find out he was innocent the whole time?

Non Americans: You feel a little sad when you see a post about something in the US that everyone seems to love and you've never heard of it, or you know you will never have it, amirite?

I used to live in Germany and when I moved back to America I found plenty of things we don't have. Like good public transportation outside of large cities, kinder eggs, a proper drinking age, castles, being able to travel to nearby countries just for a day trip.

Though we do have free refills...

Chandler is your favorite character on Friends. amirite?

Exuse me, it's Ms. Chanandler Bong

Barticus is a sexy ass name, amirite?

A sexy-ass name or sexy ass-name? hello smilie

I gave up chocolate for lent, but it doesn't count when it's in cookie dough, amirite?

I gave up chocolate for Lent too!
And yes, it counts you dumbass. Being in cookiedough doesn't make it any less chocolate.

Nowadays pretty much anything you can say can be twisted around to sound perverted, amirite?

Grandma's chicken salad.....
-Joey Tribiani

Guys: You don't care that much if a girl has small boobs, they act like you care a lot more than you do. Amirite?
It's annoying when someone you DONT like is near you and your friend and you see your friend and are like "Hey(:" and give them a hug then the person you DONT like says "Fine, dont give me a hug! I see how it is." Then you have a really awkward moment. amirite?

Its almost as annoying as when people post really specific situations and try to get others to follow their story.

Whether you like it or not, swimming as a sport isn't given enough credit for how hard it can be, amirite?

I've been swimming for the past 10 years of my life and it's the most rewarding sport I've ever done and I've never been in better shape! We had a couple of football players and wrestlers try out our men's team and they all quit within the first week...

The best way to answer the question "Hey guess what!" is to say "The 5th Dentist caved and now they're all recommending Trident?", amirite?

Chandler's my favorite Friend! :D

At least once you've thought how nice it might be to move somewhere else and start all over, amirite?

I'm an army brat and I've moved about every 3 years of my life..I'm 19 now and it gets a little old. Not as much fun as you would think trying to make new friends all the time :/