Girls: It's almost impossible to resist a funny guy. Amirite?

"If that was true I'd be beating them off with a stick, instead I'm just beating off."
I found this on Lamebook. I didn't make it up.

Thevoiceinyourheadjustspedup. The. Voice. In. Your. Head. Just. Slowed. Down. THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD JUST GOT LOUDER. The voice in your head is now at normal again, amirite?
it's not fair that celebrities get paid so much to do what they love, for example sing? have a tv show about their life? act? when police officers and firefighters risk their lives everyday, trash collectors and street cleaners do the jobs no one else wants to do, get paid crappy salaries for actually working to make this a better place, amirite?

Garbage men where I live get paid a fairly decent salary.

People are always saying how 12 year olds shouldn't have boyfriends/girlfriends, but they should stop complaining because it's natural instincts. It's natural to get a mate so we can keep the population growing, amirite?
Logically, Grammar Nazis must be led by some sort of Grammar Hitler and allied with a Spelling Stalin. It is only a matter of time before Diction Kamikazes show up and we are plunged into Word War II, amirite?

Uhhh yeah, I'm spelling Stalin. Sorry guys.

Katy Perry is gorgeous, and you can't understand why she chose to marry Russell Brand, amirite?

Really? I would hate if someone thought I was a girl lol.

The Bible says homosexuality is wrong? Well then, since the Bible is right all of the time, I guess we should ban the consumption of shellfish and execute brides if they aren't virgins when they marry, amirite?

Also, you have to add that we aren't supposed to wear mixed fabrics because it is an abomination. Just for future reference to save myself some reply time, the verse is Deuteronomy 22:11

School would be fun if we didnt have todo school work and projects, amirite?
@horsechick That kind of defeats the purpose of

exactly what I was thinking.

Presentations teach you public speaking skills, and the homework teaches you responsibility.

Abortion is Wrong No Matter What Situation Your in, amirite?
It's called pop, not soda. amirite?
@Clay_ It depends on where you live, actually. In the Midwest it's usually called pop, and I know for a fact down South...

You beat me to that post :/ just to add all of the Canadians I know say pop, so farther north also uses pop.

What is the point of having a car with four wheel drive when all cars have four wheels? amirite?

Now it's at 149. I don't think those people know how cars work...

Your highschool has less then 1,000 kids in it, amirite?
Girls: It feels so satisfying to run your hands through your hair once you get a knot out of it, amirite?
Spain is going to win the World Cup, amirite?
You kind of want to know what the opposite sex's orgasm feels like, amirite?