It's funny how fast us teenagers can change "obsessions," amirite?

Oh damn, I'm usually the one to correct people. How could I make a mistake? No! Life is over! lol :P

In 100 years, they'll use our Facebook and Twitter accounts as historical references to find out what happened in the early 2000's. Amirite? , amirite?

and they'll look back, thinking, "wtf was wrong with them?" lol

It sucks when you come home and there's a dead hooker in your living room, amirite?

right? this happens to me all the time! I'm really starting to get tired of it. lol

Moral question of the day: You are standing next to a switch thats switchs the direction of a train heading towards five people strapped to the track ,if you move the switch it will change tracks and kill one person strapped to a different track, do you move the switch or let the train go? Your in quite a dilemma, amirite?

I say kill everybody! it's fun! lmfao

Teen smoking, drug and alcohol abuse have gone down 30% recently. Also down 30%, teen coolness, amirite?
@seriously? doing drugs and getting fucking wasted out of your mind all the time is not cool. In fact, it makes you...

I agree with you. This is no way to act, and it is definitely not the way to define people that are actually doing something with their life, rather than ending up trash on the side of the road begging for money. Maybe you should stop and think about what you're doing to yourself and to others around you more often...

You've wondered how you will ever escape out your window with that impossible-to-remove screen in the way, amirite?

the screens on most windows are extremely easy to get just have to have a little bit of common sense...

NASCAR would be a lot more interesting if the tracks were twisty and unpredictable, full of obstacles and danger, amirite?

umm....kinda like indie?

You have those days where you just want to eat everything in sight, and you never seem to get full, amirite?

yeah, it's usually when i'm

it's really irritating to hear people say "YOLO" simply to justify their constant partying, drinking, and drug use. That is not what YOLO is about. It's about actually doing something meaningful with your life, something that people will remember. Going out and partying and constantly getting wasted is frankly a waste of a perfectly good life. There is so much more you can do with your life, but the drugs blind you to anything other than the next high, amirite?
@AtheisticMystic I'm getting annoyed with these posts bashing drugs and drug users. There are very few people that do nothing except...

i did not mean it to be directed towards all drug users. it was simply towards those who, as you said, are worthless assholes. not everyone. True, not everyone is like that, but there are those who all simply do nothing but waste there time getting high. I, too know people that are mostly productive members of society as well as drug users, but i am annoyed by the people that always talk about how drugs are simply the best thing in life and try to justify all their partying simply by saying "YOLO". Like, there was a post on here yesterday that said teens who don't do drugs are uncool. Things like that aggravate me and that's what this post was about. It is not directed toward everyone that does drugs.

Rabbit poop looks a lot like papaya seeds, amirite?

it looks more like cocoa puffs lol