About me.

Well hello there..
how are you today?
My name is Jerelyn.
I am almost 17 years old,
which, I guess means I'm still 16,
but I'm choosing to ignore that little detail.
I AM 17 :)
OOPS! Now I'm 18!
At the risk of sounding a leeetle bit cocky,
I'm wicked smaaaht
I'm multilingual.
I have lived all over the country,
so I have a pretty crazy accent.
I don't type like most kids my age,
but I will for effect. (see smart and little ^^)
I have,however, been known to abuse ellipses and smilies.
I'm in need of an amirite buddy..so apply within :)
I don't bite..too hard,
So let's habla. :)

oh yeah, and, uh..