If all the billionaires go to space the meek really will inherit the earth. amirite?
@Girlislit Dog doesn't mean shoe

LEGO people live in houses made of their own flesh

Not everything is quantifiable. amirite?
Harry Potter is too long and boring. amirite?

what's the 9th movie?

Going to the cinema is an unpleasant experience. amirite?
@contextrip You clearly had a bad experience but some of your reasonings are really ridiculous considering it's a public...

The cinema industry loves people like you, just saying. People have very low standards nowadays it seems. I'm also disgusted by the mushy 20$ popcorn with "real butter" which costs less than 1$ to make

Adam & Eve is a good title for a sex shop and a rib joint, amirite?

It is the title of a sex shop

Car batteries are always dead in horror movies because the previous ocupants forgot to turn the headlights off, amirite?

That make too much sense to ignore.

The "J" is backwards, amirite?
Spllenig deos not mtaetr bceuase you can atcaully raed aynhting as lnog as the frist and lsat ltteer are in tehir oiriganl palce, amirite?

oh my god yuor rhgit, epecxt wehn it's a one, two, or trehe letetr wrod, tehn it dseont wrok

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?

Their marriage wasn't the target of the joke. Jada's disease was.

Laws are user agreements for life that you don't get to review before you have to accept, amirite?
Eggs are actually dairy. amirite?
people's personalities are too heavily based on the media they consume and it'll only get worse, amirite?

The only part I agree with is humor because I've met too many people who think they are funny as a personality trait, but then all they do is quote movies they didn't write or share memes they didn't make.

Women only show love to keep what they fear missing from leaving them. amirite?
@Coeurdemonstre1 Sexist much?

How is that showing prejudice to women?

You might already own the clothes you will die in. amirite?
@Achilles982 I like this one. Nice and dark

You want it darker - someone might have already bought the gun...

If birds and flying bugs didn't exist we would never invent flying. amirite?

We definitely would