The reason why we can't go faster than the speed of light is because that's the speed of the simulations abillity to process and load things in, like how open world video games work, amirite?
"Schoolgirl" being an entire category of porn proves how ineffective school dress codes are. amirite?

I mean, incest is also a while category. Doesn't mean "parents" or "evolution" failed us. Also, schoolgirl porno has a different popularity level depending on the place, whereas schools are everywhere, so imo it's just a fetish influenced by the culture around someone. I could be wrong tho.

You might be drinking water older than the solar system. amirite?

You also might be drinking dinosaur pee

From an evolutionary perspective, condoms make sex pointless, amirite?
@Tuggspeedmen Selective breeding actually.

Natural selective breeding would be not banging someone you don't wanna breed with. OP is technically right, the purpose of sex is purely procreation biologically speaking, so if you're not breeding is it really even sex in the eyes of biologist cucks?

Saying peenis instead of penis gives more insight to what it actually does. amirite?

For me it would be painis

There is no true vertical in the universe only what humans perceive it to be, amirite?
@Are you telling me my dick rises sideways

Yes that's pretty much what they saying

Eggs are actually dairy. amirite?
If the universe is ever expanding and has no limit, logically that is magic. amirite?

Earth is getting smaller

A $20 pen is a much better gift than a $20 t-shirt, amirite?

Bro you are totally right and it confuses me

You can witness the entire Indian demographics just by walking from a General coach to a 1st AC coach. amirite?

Dot or feather?

The fact that sleeping on your back causes sleep paralysis due to early humans being helpless at that position and seeing human like creatures shows that humans are the enemies, not animals, amirite?
There is no more disquieting mystery than when your dog saunters into your room licking his chops like he just got done with a great meal, but you haven't put food out for him yet... amirite?

I walked in on my dog once while he was having quite a meal of, himself, if you know what i mean. I slowly backed out.

If 10,000 cows were watching a concert, it would sound like they are booing, amirite?

How about at a Bruce Springsteen concert?

‘Reckon' is probably short for ‘recognize', amirite?

Yeah it is

The voice in our head is always at the same volume, it's impossible to scream in our head. amirite?