The reason why we can't go faster than the speed of light is because that's the speed of the simulations abillity to process and load things in, like how open world video games work, amirite?
"Schoolgirl" being an entire category of porn proves how ineffective school dress codes are. amirite?

I mean, incest is also a while category. Doesn't mean "parents" or "evolution" failed us. Also, schoolgirl porno has a different popularity level depending on the place, whereas schools are everywhere, so imo it's just a fetish influenced by the culture around someone. I could be wrong tho.

Monday's are so far from Friday's, but Fridays are too close to Mondays, amirite?

Booo for you.

A vegan technically can't swallow when giving a blowjob. amirite?

It's not like they have the stamina to make it to ejaculation.

For all the millions of years of evolution to the human species, dogs and cats have a way better bum-hole for pooping without need for wiping. amirite?

all the millions of years..

Is really only 1 million, and effectively only the last quarter of it.

Older people might take longer to answer, not because of brain deterioration, but because they have more things to consider because of life experience. amirite?

Old people take longer to respond because they aren't already thinking what to say when you finish talking

If someone who was blind from birth also had aphantasia no one would know they had aphantasia. amirite?

Aphantasia requires sight, the mental experience required to build a "mental image." So, a person completely blind from birth lacks the experience of any kind of image, and thus cannot have aphantasia.

You might be drinking water older than the solar system. amirite?

You also might be drinking dinosaur pee

From an evolutionary perspective, condoms make sex pointless, amirite?
@Tuggspeedmen Selective breeding actually.

Natural selective breeding would be not banging someone you don't wanna breed with. OP is technically right, the purpose of sex is purely procreation biologically speaking, so if you're not breeding is it really even sex in the eyes of biologist cucks?

Saying peenis instead of penis gives more insight to what it actually does. amirite?

For me it would be painis

We like soda because it stings our mouth a little bit. amirite?

Image the pleasure from your ballsack when teabagging it! Like fairy kisses.

You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?

Does this explain song lyrics? I can't recite any of them but once I hear a song, it all comes back to me.

There is no true vertical in the universe only what humans perceive it to be, amirite?
@Are you telling me my dick rises sideways

Yes that's pretty much what they saying

Men in fights don't hit each others balls, because the will feel it themselves... amirite?

The only way punching a man in the balls is going to hurt me, is if I hit him so hard I hurt my hand on his pelvis.

Vacuum is the most expensive thing to produce per kilogram. amirite?

I still think printer ink gives vacuum a run for it's money costwise.