About me.

First of all, this site is about ORIGINALITY! It's ok if once in a while something is repeated from somewhere else, but I get kind of tired of countless jokes, quotes, and observations from other websites getting homepaged on here. I try to get all of my posts from my head. If we all try to stay original, this site will be better.

21, male.

I try to be the best person I can be, but how am I supposed to know what that looks like?

Religion and moral philosophy are interesting to me. If you want to talk about something in this ballpark, let's chat =D

I don't really know what beliefs I hold right now. Trying to be honest and unbiased to find the objective truth, but it is impossible. Borderline Christian-agnostic atm

Most of what is to be known about me is already in my posts. I have a lot of them.
First POTD ever: http://amirite.net/187029.
1000th post: http://amirite.net/670143
2nd POTD: http://amirite.net/721450
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4th POTD: http://amirite.net/562829

Ask me questions! I like to get into discussions with people online, though in person I am kind of shy and have been told I'm pretty awkward
I've talked way too much about myself already. I like to hear other people talk, that's one of the best things about amirite
OK that's about it. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and drop me a message so we can chat...