If I got a dollar for every time I thought about you, I'd start thinking about you

Clever. That was why I clarified that it's nothing wrong with the actual post, but post of the days have gone down in quality quite a bit which means either the mods are picking worse or we've gotten worse at doing our jobs.

If I got a dollar for every time I thought about you, I'd start thinking about you

"Hey Amirite, will you be a champ and raise the bar for POTD so its something to look forward to?"

"No can do avid reader, but we will limbo way the fuck underneath it, thank you for your concern."

Absolutely nothing against OP themselves or even their post but this isn't Post of the Day worthy in the least.

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter No, it's not. And highly illegal? Yeah no, definitely not a felony, so I have no idea what you even mean...

Baha cole come on I'm not the only one who must have seen that was obvious troll bait you bit right into, don't prove them right by getting so worked up. It was just a handful of miscellaneous insults that appear to have worked really well on you.

It's fairly stupid how many Christians believe incest is a sin while if mankind did come solely from Adam and Eve, brothers and sisters would have to reproduce in order to keep the population alive, amirite?
@8jtt9 Possibly, but why would the bble have failed to mention any more, causing everyone to accept that there must have...

Actually, everybody, after Cane kills Abel (both sons of eve) he flees to Egypt and gets married to an egyption woman. The bible didn't fail to mention, it specifically says this; making it obvious to anyone who read the bible that God created an unknown number of humans. Probably for the sake of avoiding 'unnecessary incest.'

Assuming they don't have children there's nothing morally wrong with a consensual incestuous relationship between adults, even if they're as close as brother and sister, amirite?
@Len To be clear, I feel like people in incestuous relationships would be being a bit unreasonable to have children of...

I don't think children coming from incestuous relationships is nearly as big a deal as people think/ assume it is. There is a SIGNIFICANTLY smaller chance of of a a deformed child from incest than a mentally handicapped child from a down syndrome parent, but it's not frowned upon or illegal for a person with down syndrome to have a baby. If youre just saying that out of consideration for their children they should adopt rather than procreate to eliminate the risk of deformity I wholeheartedly agree.

Making puns about me? Toucan play at that game, amirite?
@xxdetroitxx Still got you to reveal yourself though ^-^

If that was actually a goal of yours I feel more than a little second hand embarrassment for you, that's kind of pathetic. Now don't go getting all huffy and angry again because I've tried to make it pretty clear I don't give a shit. It was just worth it to show you that, once again, you don't know shit, and arrogance is only becoming on smart people.

Making puns about me? Toucan play at that game, amirite?
Truly profound innovations that change the course of humanity are wonderful and rare.

Maybe it's just me but I find it annoying as all hell that we've reached a point of political over-correctness that we have to use BCE (Before common era) instead of BC. Im not catholic, but Jesus was a real person and his birth was 2013 years ago and it did become the corner stone for the beginning of 'civilized humanity' whether it was because of Jesus or just the advances of people at the time, particularly the Roman civilization. I don't see how over 2 millennia later suddenly it's a problem that a measurement for time wasn't built around religious equality. Thoughts anyone?

Most people think most people are stupid

That wax almost paradoxical happy. If you were an idiot many people would think you are an idiot. If you are an idiot you would almost certainly assume you are not an idiot like you just did. So you could easily be an idiot commenting right now, and we all see it, but you're too much of an idiot to notice. Interesting

Weird to think the only person less motivated than I am today is the Pope.

You're the universe! you spent the day expanding between 50 and 100 km/s/Mpc (which means that for each Megaparsec (Mpc), galaxies appear to be receiding at 50-100 km/s, one Mpc being equivalent to 3.2 million light years). And yes, Parsec is the unit of measurement used by Hon Solo in Star Wars

Getting a driver's license should be a privilege, not a guarantee. There should be a select few responsible people who get licenses and a high possibility of losing it if it is used irresponsibly. After all, you are driving a deadly weapon. amirite?
@swimlax That was just an example. Obviously that would mean some less qualified people get it over a more qualified person...

You're saying that it should be SO hard to get your lisence that on average 10% of people should have the prowess and skill to get it? That if I graduated last year finishing grade 12 with 600 other kids all age 18 only 60 of them should be good enough to be driving while the other 540 take the bus and public transit and such? The roads made for vehicles should be practically barren because 90% of the population is still forced to struggle along in transit/ pedestrian style forms of transportation regardless of commute distance? That's an absolutely ridiculous idea. I get that there's a good chance this post was made in 'passion' after a personal vehicular incident in your life, but your reaction and solution is just plain terrible. driving is a privilege but it's also, for most, mandatory for living required in almost all faucets of life. Let's say you're in a family of 5, 2 parents and 3 kids ages 16, 17, and 19. You're saying that the system should be changed so that statistically none of your family is good enough to drive? I don't know your life situation but how many families can function day to day life if not a single family member can legally drive? Very stupid idea.

Attraction to someone's personality is stronger than physical attraction, amirite?
@VicZinc There are no ugly people, only people whose beauty is not recognized by underdeveloped minds.

Get that strait from
A Disney book? Sometimes life can't be rainbows and sunshine just because we want it to be. there are ugly people and pretty people just like smart and dumb. A dumb person isn't 'intelligence not recognized by underdeveloped minds' they're just dumb. In many ways beauty can be defined, like facial symmetry and proportional facial features. Believing there are no ugly people in the world is a pleasant mind set, but it exposes your naïveté

Attraction to someone's personality is stronger than physical attraction, amirite?

No. Ugly people just wish it was.

It would be a good idea to legalize drugs, but make it illegal to be high/drunk in public, and everyone would be accountable for any crimes they commit when they're high/drunk. This way, we're not infringing upon the rights of the citizens, but also not putting other citizens in danger, amirite?
Valentine's Day is a really bad idea because you should not force people to show their love through gifts and flowers one day a year, they should show it through their actions all year long, amirite?

"Valentines day" is a day to celebrate a brilliant and selfless man who married people in secret back during the roman empire when marriage was illegal and forbidden among the common folk. His acts and name should be celebrated once a year and, originally, we celebrated by showering our loved ones with extra affection to 'pay homage' of sorts. I would agree with this post if it said the 21st century meaning of Valentines day should be changed, not abolish the day as a whole and label it a 'bad idea'.