As much as you hate it when religious people try to convert you, if you genuinely believed in hell, you wouldn't want others to end up in it either, amirite?

Really you should be offended if they don't try to convert you. That means they don't want you in Heaven.

You feel jealous that some languages have words for things that English doesn't have a word for, amirite?

Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan): A look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves.

A Russian sub is just now detected... IN THE GULF OF MEXICO!!! I know military spending is kind of out of control, but we should at least protect ourselves. amirite?

If anyone would have bothered to check the date on this post, you would've seen that its from 30 years ago. It made sense when op posted it.

[!] ought to be the widely accepted internet symbol for sarcasm, amirite?

That's a great idea and wouldn't take any getting used to [!]

light bulbs are not actually "light bulbs" but dark absorbers. when you turn them on, they suck the dark out of the room. you can prove this by holdingyour hand under a "light bulb" . the dark will stack up under your hand where its path is blocked by your hand. when they quit working and turn a dark colour, its not because they burnt out, its because they're full. amirite?
If a girl that you are in a relationship with goes to the beach, tells you she's going to get drunk, that she's hanging out with some guys that you don't know, and then stops responding completely, you have a right to be a little upset, amirite?

A girl you're dating or THE girl you're dating?

Girls are like snowflakes: we're delicate, special, different, fascinating, and most of all beautiful :) amirite?

Girls are like snowflakes; I try to get them to land on my tongue.

If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?

It would be pretty cool if we still fought wars with swords and shit...

Your first kiss wasn't how you wanted it to be. Amirite?
If someone gets illegally obtained evidence to convict a criminal, it should still be allowed in court.

Then there would be nothing to stop Law Enforcement Officers from illegally obtaining evidence. Believe me, I'm a law enforcement major, and I'd love it if illegally obtained evidence were admissible in court, but that would infringe upon the rights of citizens. There would be nothing to prevent police wire tapping, torture of suspects, around the clock interrogation, and unwarranted searches.

If you were in a relationship with someone and they said you had to choose between them and your pet, you would choose your pet, amirite?
"ITS A FREE COUNTRY." How old are you? "14." Not for you it isn't. amirite?

It's not a free country for anyone.

Saying "I don't need alcohol to have fun" is like saying "I don't need a hammer to pound a nail" sure you don't need it, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier amirite?

A more apt comparison would be alcohol:nail gun::no alcohol:hammer

Nails can be driven in both ways, just as fun can be had in both ways, but it's quicker for the common man to drive nails with a nail gun, just as fun comes quicker to the inebriated. However, nail guns are more expensive than hammers and could be more dangerous if used unsafely.

If Jesus were to rock out on any instrument, it would be the bass guitar. amirite?

WAIT I GET IT. Cause of the Jesus Fish? Ichthys! Bass is a guitar, but bass is a fish. Got it! Nailed it! Check please!

If you could be with or talk to one last person before you died now, you know who it'd be, amirite?

I'd probably go with some kind of doctor.