Everyone you know has facebook , amirite?

All my Facebook friends have Facebook.

why the heck is dancing such a universal and enduring idea of a good time? Dancing isn't fun at all, amirite?

You're not dancing with the right people.

We have all accidently slipped and said Canadia, amirite?

I just say Canadia on purpose.

It's impressive that Taylor Swifts new song became the fastest song ever to become #1 on i Tunes seeing as she's only an average singer who has shallow lyrics. She's really overachieving for her skills, amirite?

I don't give a shit about her music, she's a good person and she provides a much better roll model than most other musicians.

Anthony must have wanted to prove to someone he was right, amirite?
@Figured that one out already...

FOR THE BENEFIT OF THOSE NOT IN THE KNOW, Anthony is Amirites daddy.

Your friend, the CIA <3

You can use fingernail clippers for a lot of things other than just clipping your fingernails or toenails. amirite?

Hijacking a plane, for instance.

Guys: You'd rather your girlfriend have a big butt and thighs instead of her being a size 0 or 2. amirite?

I would love my girlfriend no matter how she looks.

It feels very awkward if your girlfriend asks you if you think of her when you masturbate, amirite?

I do... Think about your girlfriend when I masturbate, I mean.

We idolize/look up to the wrong people (ex: celebrities), when we should be looking up to our Nation's Heroes (fireman, soldiers, doctors, policemen, etc.), amirite?

The least people could do is to stop hating police officers. I don't think I've ever heard the word "cop" without it being preceded by an insult. Yeah, you got a ticket, you were breaking the law. Cops are just trying to do their jobs and keep everyone safe, but most people just HATE them for it.

Guys: When girls ask how they look never use the word "fine", amirite?

When a girl asks me how they look I just say beautiful without looking at them and they're like "WTF you didn't even look at me." and I'm like "I didn't need to look at you, you're always beautiful." And it's awesome.

You should never call a girl a 'cunt.' amirite?

Reminds me of

Never call a woman a bitch. The only "B" word you should ever call a woman is beautiful. Bitches love being called beautiful.

Girls: when you put your pad on, sometimes you put it too far to the front or too far to the back, and when its perfect, you feel awesome, amirite?

Hey, guys too!

It would be cool to know how many votes in total this site has accumulated since it started, amirite?
How heavy was the flag at Iwo Jima that it took for or five soldiers to lift it, amirite?

It actually took 6 men to raise it and the pole was actually a drainage pipe that weighed over 100 pounds. Yes it's easy to lift a hundred pounds, but it's not easy to raise a 100 pound flag pole after fighting the Japanese for four days.

Dogs are cute. amirite?

Picture is unrelated?