You don't actually know anyone named John Smith, amirite?

My name isn't really John Smith.

Guys: you chase attractive girls for a while and find out most of them are mean and/or obnoxious whores, so you just settle for the average looking smart girl and you're completely satisfied in the end and wondered why you haven't done it sooner, amirite?

I know attractive girls that are nice. Lots of them. Maybe you're just an asshole.

The federal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen, or else the age of legal adulthood should be raised to twenty-one, one or the other. am I right?

If you can die for your country, you should be able to drink.

You've never actually heard the punchline of the "A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar" joke, amirite?

And have a wonderful time.

Kristen Stewart actually is really pretty, she should just smile more often, amirite?

And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles.

Too many people wear skateboarding shoes now, and 75% don't skate! amirite?

I wear jungle boots but I haven't killed anyone for HOURS!

Guys: You wonder how male pornstars last so long when you can barely make it to the end of the porn clip, amirite?

Because you can move your hand/arm faster than they can move their pelvis.

You wonder if singers play their own music in the car or at parties, amirite?

Kanye does...

If Jesus were to rock out on any instrument, it would be the bass guitar. amirite?
It's offensive that the very people who destroyed the Twin Towers and murdered thousands of Americans, now want to build a mosque on top of them, amirite?

Then we've got the Jews to thank for the crucifixion of Jesus?

Everyone needs to back the fuck off Justin Bieber. I don't like his music, but if it makes his fans feel better, then we should all respect that. Plus, insulting his sexuality/gender over and over is gratuitous ignorance. amirite?

I don't like him because of what he did when he hosted punked, which has really been the only exposure that I've had to him. He talked like an idiot, saying stuff like "that'll be dope, yo." and when thu asked him who he wanted to punk, he was like, "Well, Taylor Swift is the nicest person I know and she would never hurt anyone, so I'm gonna make her think her life is ruined. Dawg."

If guys could no longer say anything perverted, sarcastic, insulting, or obscene, they wouldn't be able to speak. amirite?

Hey, fuck you bitch!

Guys: When you jack off into a fruit, you microwave it first, amirite?

Pretty sure that this post is the reason that that smiley exists on this website.

You should be allowed to bring guns on an airplane just in case there are terrorists. amirite?

Are people not aware that Air Marshals are a thing?

It would be interesting to send a bunch of emails about the "blow-up white house" you think would make a great pool toy and then see how many terrorist watch lists you end up on, amirite?

Well, you're already on one.