It's possible for a girl to have a dress that shows off her curves, but still reminds people that she can read, amirite?

"Does this dress make me look illiterate?"

Should just be "" and have different categories for different ethnicities.

Anthony must have wanted to prove to someone he was right, amirite?
I'm watching pom, and you totally misread that. amirite?

What is pom?

It would suck to be 17 and never been kissed. amirite?

I'm 18 and have never been kissed.

Step it up, ladies.

You're often scared by the thought of something rather the actual thing itself. Prime example: anal fisting, amirite?
@pikabeau Nope. Anal fisting in practice is much scarier than just the thought of having a fist shoved up my butt. I don't...

You've seen it happen? Like, you were just sitting there and a couple of people across the room started fisting?

Dumbo probably wouldn't have been able to fly with ear gauges, amirite?

Those aren't gauges, those are those cool blade-less dyson fans.

The debates/arguments on Amirite are actually quite civil compared to the rest of the Internet. There's not very much "No ur wrong Shut the fuck up u fuking faggot!!!1!1!!11!1!" on here, amirite?

Sir/madam, I regret to inform you that you have assumed an incorrct standing on the matter. Silence your mutterings, you flamboyant homosexual.

Yours, et cetera, John T. Smith.

If you somehow found out that your partner was into the same fetishes (or ones that compliment your own) you'd be more than excited, amirite?

I have a thing for women. Maybe I could find a girl that's into men? That'd be great!

Guys, you have a bit of a crush on at least one female amirite user, amirite?
@Spinaceous I'm new, and I haven't been on here much, but I think Favvkes makes some cool posts, and I really like PocketPie...

The only reason I don't like Favvkes is cause her name has the 2 Vs instead of a W. I know it's supposed to be Fawkes, but My head reads is Fa-veh-veh-ks.

If you could be invisible you'd totally go spy on some people just to see what their lives/houses are like, amirite?

See what their lives/houses/genitals are like.

It's wrong for an 11 year old girl to have a new boyfriend every 4 days, amirite?

Bitch just wants him for his sub.

You're here because you just read an email about an achievement for 2 years of membership, amirite?

I've found that the trick to that achievement is to have made an account at least two years ago.

You never quite understood how a pager worked, amirite?
@John_Smith Someone dials the number of your pager and the pager then displays their number, which lets you know that they want...

They didn't really have cellphones yet, so people carried around pagers, which are pretty much cellphones that only accept the text message "Call me."

Like other people my age, I'm 13, amirite?

You're 13? pfft, when I was your age I was 18.