Why do atheist hate Christianity? They love to attack Christians.

I hate no one. I attack beliefs, not people (no ad hominem for me)

More bad lip reading humor. This stuff cracks me up.

Omg on the floor lololol

How do you react when confronted with someone who does things differently than you, or feels strongly about a position that is opposed to your position?

Firstly, I understand that people will have different opinions on everything I think. Depends entirely what that opinion is. It could be any number of these feelings, especially curiosity. As long as the opinion isn't directed at anything about me or doesn't hurt anyone, I'll usually accept them. Really depends

What do you do as a stress reliever?

Listening to some metal while taking a sh*t!

How would you describe insanity?
This year the District of Columbia, the US's capital, voted on initiative 71, essentially decriminalizing marijuana for those in DC. However, Congress is now doing it's best to shut this down, completely ignoring the peoples voice. When will enough be enough?

Oh no! Millions of bucks of tax money in our capital! Shut it down before we... oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph forbid... BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET.

People tend to assume others will behave as they do. Dishonest people assume others are dishonest; people who have evil thoughts assume others also have evil thoughts. Those who are generous and kind assume others are generous and kind.

Chill. Maybe means no where I come from.

Marriage shouldn't be involved with the government and legal matters. It has nothing to do with protecting citizens from danger and some laws keep people from pursuing happiness, amirite?
@VicZinc Agreed! Suggestions? Perhaps a legal contract of union? I am open to ideas but they all sound like another name...

Yeah, I can see how that would work... Well there still shouldn't be marriage laws PREVENTING one from pursuing happiness in marriage.

Love wasps sounds kinky so let's go for it.

Are you good at drawing?

Because "No" can't describe the putrid, detestable mess that I call "my drawing skills"

Are You a Fan of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?

I eat all, wild and virgin.

Doom metal is excellent when you wanna chill out to some music.

"Now"? You listened to more metal before?

What is life according to you ?
The amount of times you can "love" comments should be limited to increase their value

I'm leaning towards per week because a lot of discussions can take time, and I'd figure I'm also biased since I'm not a daily user (hell I'll prolly hiatus for a couple years soon lol)

If you could meet a religious leader and talk to them, who would you most want it to be? (Can't choose a figure from your own religion)

I'm going with Jesus. Lets see if he really is the "son of god"