Are you a sapiophile?
Do you have any tattoos?

No, but I want some

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred OH Boy it can not be that difficult to find that kinda woman -are you also looking for a beauty queen millionairess?

You underestimate how rare some senses of humor there are. I would personally not want to be involved with anyone, regardless of looks, whose sense of humor didn't come close to mine bc otherwise I'd feel way too stifled.

The amount of times you can "love" comments should be limited to increase their value
The amount of times you can "love" comments should be limited to increase their value

I'm leaning towards per week because a lot of discussions can take time, and I'd figure I'm also biased since I'm not a daily user (hell I'll prolly hiatus for a couple years soon lol)

Have you ever come up with an idea for an invention but just didn’t have the means to make it a reality?

Well put that brain to work, build a spaceship that can travel through worm holes, and be on your way

What's something about you that other people might find (or do find) difficult to understand / relate to?

I don't even understand it myself. But very morbid fascination. I often look at sites like Bestgore or anything with stuff like that. Been like this since I was at most 7 yo fr. Most recently, I quite like memes involving that stuff. Prolly my favorite type of meme now tbh. None of my IRL friends have the fascination to the degree I do, so I'm on a goal to find an IRL friend I could share that with. Fat chance tho lolol

Why, just why, does Chrome have an option for "Close tabs to the right", but not for "Close tabs to the left"? That's discrimination, amirite?

Yo, download Cluster:

Helps me manage tabs sooooo well (i was one of those people with 8 windows open with 30 tabs each... literally)

You laugh at your own jokes, amirite?

If they're funny enough, oooh yeah. Which means, I laugh it myself extremely rarely ¯_(ツ)_/¯

"Please, UNhelp me!" - Have you ever regretted asking someone for help?

Probably any time I need some quick assistance, then they completely take over.... "ummm you.. you can go now I got it lol.."

Post a song that takes you for a ride on the feels train

YouTube video thumbnail

This song actually helped me understand depression more. When I looked at the lyrics initially, I was surprised at what it was about, and how what occurred led to the things the writer does to cope. I was initially like "ok but like... it ain't that deep." The absolutely beautiful music (imo) and my general lack of interest in lyrics at the time (well, really, I'm still heavily music based lol) kept me coming back for more tho lol. Disregarding my lack of empathy for what could be a strong relationship, even if it wasn't (and really, there are hints that there may not have actually been a strong bond like that... but continuing), I started to understand that depression isn't just "bad shit happens so I'm sad". The rest of the songs on the album comprise one of my top favorite albums of all time. Given trust of tattoo artist and unlimited funds, I would've had a tattoo related to it yesterday lol. But that's for the future. If you like atmospheric, melodic post-black metal (this album is several tiers above Sunbather by Deafheaven imo in case you happen to have a bad taste from that album (even tho I did like that one lol)), I hope you enjoy if you check it out.

Am I high for taking 4 AP classes and 2 honors classes next year (senior year)?
How do you think the world would be if there were only atheists?
@beachbum Terrible

Trve, it'd be terrible regardless of anything

Those of you who still cling to the 97% false scientific myth regarding man made global warming or climate change, might be interested to know there is no consensus and never has been. Amirite?
Do you think consciousness is a function of the brain or separate from the brain?

I think scientific research would have to progress a whole lot more before I could say much on this. And that's assuming there is an explanation in the natural world.