It would be pretty funny if the world ended on like December 22nd 2012. amirite?

world: BOOM

Although you know the Beatles' later albums were musically better, it is more fun to dance and sing along to the early "puppy love" stuff, amirite?

I like the earlier stuff a lot more ^^
Gotta love Please Please Me

What is it with musicians flavoring nature!? Vanilla Twilight, Strawberry Avalance, and Chocolate Rain, amirite?

Strawberry Fields? 8D

If a conversation were a human, then 'lol' would be cancer. amirite?
@Nicole_Anonymous me neither...

you know how 'lol' is a real conversation killer?...well if it conversation was a human then it would kill it...

You can't describe color. Try it. Try describing the color 'Blue' like you would to a blind person who has never seen the world before. You can't figure out how, amirite?
I think the idea of having a passport or a green card is stupid, This is everyones world and you should be able to go anywhere you want, a government or a rich person shouldn't be able to "own" a part of it. amirite?

No. |:
Then some countries will be overpopulated and some countries will be deserted.

Anthony's last name is Kuskse. We should totally spam his facebook page with love notes, amirite?
Yeah, I'm a girl and I play Call of Duty. Why is that such a surprise to everyone? amirite?

Its not a surprise.

America: If we weren't so far away from other countries, we'd probably be much less ignorant of other cultures and much less obsessed with British people and their accents, amirite?

A lot of us actually like to learn about other countries...

My girlfriend just asked me today who John Lennon was. Feels good to be single again. amirite?

Now go find a gf who knows who he is...or is a fan

Even if you don't like iCarly, you know Gibby is awesome, amirite?

Haha, he's my favorite :D
And Guppy

Yeah, I'm a girl and I play Call of Duty. Why is that such a surprise to everyone? amirite?
There's something very wrong about a crowd of teenagers screaming for a DJ to play the Fall Out Boy version of Beat It, rather than by Michael Jackson, amirite?
@Nicole_Anonymous @908926 (K): I don't think MJ is as good as everyone thinks either.

(Originality_is_Dead)@908996 (Nicole_Anonymous): Same here. I think he's kind of overrated.

When a black person is mad, they're still black. If a white person is mad, they're red. If a black person is sick, they're still black. If a white person is sick, they're green. If a black person is choking, they're still black. If a white person is choking, they're blue. So why are black people 'colored'? amirite?
@This is on a commercial in South Africa.

John? Yoko? Johnnn? Yoko? JOHNNN! YOKO!!!

You started doing drugs when you heared Miley did, because she's your role model. amirite?